Highlights 2nd round playoffs – Juve Stabia vs Palermo 0-2

2nd round playoffs lega pro

Highlights Juve Stabia vs Palermo 0-2, 2nd round playoffs


The match begins with Palermo managing the first ball of the match. Study phase of the match with the two teams competing for the dominance of the central area of ​​the field. The first ring at 4 ‘for the “wasps”, with a long ball from the back, Marotta control and kick diagonally from outside the box: ball out of the way.

The rosanero try to lean forward, free kick near the right corner. Regarding the development of free-kick, no problem for Farroni in making the ball his own. At 10 ‘it is the Palermo captain who becomes dangerous: cross from the right, side of Luperini who serves the Argentine, the number 11 rosanero kicks first but shoots high. A nice initiative of Filippi’s team: De Rose vertically for Kanoute who accelerates, Troest is forced to put him down. Yellow for the Juve Stabia central.

The rosanero grow with the passing of the minutes: at 17 ‘Floriano tempts us with a placed shot, Farroni blocks. PALERMO IN ADVANTAGE AT 18 ‘: Kanoute escapes on the right and crosses in the middle, Valente arrives in the center who leaves no way out for the goalkeeper of the “wasps”. The hosts try to react in the 20 ‘with a header from Troest, between on the bottom. Stall phase of the match: Juve Stabia tries to attack, Palermo defends itself in an orderly manner.

Rosanero forward again, minute 34, a corner for Filippi’s team: nothing to do, ball in possession of the hosts. 40 ‘: rosanero well put on the field, “wasps” who can’t find interesting passing lines to feed their attackers. Not even a minute of recovery ends the first fraction: Juve Stabia-Palermo 0-1.

Photogallery Juve Stabia vs Palermo – 2nd round playoffs

2nd round playoffs #Match #begins #jstpal
2nd round playoffs #Match #begins #jstpal


The second half time begins, Juve Stabia plays the first ball. Minute 49, free kick from the trocar for the rosanero, Santana on the serve point. On the flaps of Floriano’s cross placed shot, ball directly on the bottom. Interesting counterattack from Palermo in the 52nd minute: Valente’s launch for Floriano who tries to escape, but is doubled and ends up winning only a throw-in.

At 57 ′ Juve Stabia dangerous: cross from the right that overcomes the entire penalty area, on the other side comes Marotta who is unable to hit the ball by a whisker. Dry right of De Rose in the 60 ‘ball to the side. DOUBLING OF PALERMO AT 67 ‘: Valente wedges himself in the left lane and crosses in the center where he finds the newly entered Saraniti who does not make a mistake with his head: Juve Stabia-Palermo 0-2. Whirlwind of changes, lower rhythms: the “wasps” have suffered the blow, rosanero always in order.

At 77 ′ another Palermo initiative always from the left with Valente putting in the middle, Saraniti with his head sends the ball high. At 80 ‘the hosts try with a left foot from Fantacci, ball wide. The referee grants five minutes of recovery. At 90 minutes an opportunity for the rosanero trio, again with Valente kicking from inside the area, Farroni rejects. Three minutes after Juve Stabia’s opportunity to shorten with Fantacci, Pelagotti says no. It ends here: Palermo in the national playoff phase, Juve Stabia beaten 2-0.

THE TABLE of 2nd round playoffs | Juve Stabia 0 – 2 Palermo

JUVE STABIA (3-4-3): Farroni; Mulè (from 74 ‘Suciu), Troest, Elizalde (from 81’ Ripa); Scaccabarozzi, Berardocco (from 74 ‘Garattoni), Vallocchia (from 67’ Fantacci), Rizzo; Borrelli (from 74 ‘Cernigoi), Marotta, Orlando. On the bench: Russo, Gianfagna, Lia, Iannoni, Bovo, Caldore, Esposito. Coach: Padalino.

PALERMO (3-4-2-1): Pelagotti; Marong, Lancini (from 63 ‘Peretti), Marconi; Accardi (from 58 ‘Doda), Luperini, De Rose, Valente; Kanoute (from 88 ‘Silipo), Floriano (from 63’ Broh); Santana (from 58 ‘Saraniti). On the bench: Faraone, Corrado, Crivello, Martin, Silipo, Odjer, Almici. Coach: Filippi.

REFEREE: Marco Ricci (Florence). ASSISTANTS: Andrea Micaroni (Chieti) and Claudio Gualtieri (Asti). FOURTH MAN: Francesco Luciani (Rome 1).

NOTES: sunny afternoon, field in good condition. Troest, Luperini, Pelagotti, Elizalde, Doda and Marotta are booked.

SCORERS: 18 ‘Valente, 67’ Saraniti.

Highlights 2nd round playoffs – Juve Stabia vs Palermo 0-2 the video

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