Ascoli Palermo, Corini Conference, 22nd Serie B

Ascoli Palermo, Corini Conference, 22nd Serie B

The Corini Press Conference – 22nd Day Serie BKT

Ascoli Palermo 27/01/2023: About Valerio Verre, he is not yet a definitively concluded operation, the last bureaucratic step is still missing. When it’s official, I’ll talk about it widely and if it’s made official by the afternoon, there’s the possibility that he can leave with us for Ascoli.

The attention of the pre-match turned to the return away match after the match in Perugia, a match in which the squad started off with the wrong attitude, conceding two goals in a few minutes: We always work so as not to re-present difficult situations, he approaches to the match is fundamental and that of Perugia was not correct. We were good at staying inside, but Perugia could score again in the first half, we were also a bit lucky.

Ascoli in the last match recovered the disadvantage in the final, proving to be a team with desire and character. In the second round, every point weighs more, they have always been on the left side of the standings and have strengthened with Forte and Proia a team that made it to the play-offs last year. We will face a team with values in a warm environment, it’s a difficult obstacle, but we have created the conditions to be difficult to face too.

Bari is part of the construction of an idea and a spirit, it is part of a journey. We have placed a base and in the last few games we have shown a certain solidity, sometimes the games are directed in a certain way but staying inside the game on a weekly basis is essential in such a balanced championship.

The transfer market could not be left out, with the coach explaining what is missing to complete the squad: The club is working to include two other elements in the squad, we are suffering a bit due to some defections, but we just need to work. An alternative to the left will come from the market and there is the idea of taking another defender, for Verre we are just waiting for the last bureaucratic step. Both the club and I are ambitious, we have to think about pushing to make great matches.

During the conference, the Rosanero coach spoke about Bettella’s condition as well as Buttaro, who has returned to the squad after months of absence: I’m sorry for Bettella, in the last month he has made an effort to play in difficult conditions.

He gave a big hand when he took over but was injured again, we were initially worried, but luckily it’s less serious than expected, and we hope to recover it in 3–4 games. Orihuela is growing, and we have recovered Buttaro, among the squad for the match in Ascoli, we have internal resources and all the starters for Ascoli are fully focused for the match.

Tutino had his first typical week – continues Corini regarding the latest arrival from the rosanero market – in the week of the transfer he trained little but is in good athletic condition. Mentally he is delighted to be here, he needs warmth and I count on him a lot. Then there are technical-tactical insertion times to consider, he can give us a lot, and I’m happy with how he worked during the week.

The coach from Bagnolo Mella continued trying to clarify the conditions of Leo Stulac, still far from recovery: Verre has different characteristics from Stulac, with Gomes and Damiani we have players in that role. The therapy that Stulac is doing serves to shorten the time but in this sense we do not yet have precise references, the hope is that he will be able to recover as soon as possible, but it will certainly not be short.

During the first round, Palermo managed to build an important group, which managed to get out of the difficulty and lay the foundations for an immediate entry for those arriving from the winter market: When I retired in Rome, I had the perception full of the group that has been created, when you create such a strong identity, whoever arrives is easily integrated.

Whoever arrives will find fertile ground, like I found it when I arrived. It has sown well over time and whoever arrives joins a group with rules but with the desire to work together. The group makes the difference and turns a defeat into a draw like in Perugia, and a draw into a win like against Bari.

We worked during the week to understand which are the areas of the field where to take advantage – said Corini regarding Ascoli’s tactical deployment – They play with a 3-5-2, in the possession phase it becomes a 4-4-2 in motion, and we tried to figure out how to press them to recover the ball. Gomes is working, the only concern is that he could get hurt again, and it will take another couple of weeks, he will make another visit to understand the situation, but he will certainly miss the next two games.

Maximum concentration, by the squad, on the match against Ascoli despite the delicate moment conditioned by the rumors of the transfer market: “In certain moments when the wave is positive you have to push even more, we talk a lot collectively, and I continuously call the players individually. In this championship the details count, we were good at not distracting ourselves from the market and despite the staff at this short time. The spirit is this, we are focused exclusively on the Ascoli match, and we arrive with the right conditions.

Damiani is an excellent player, and he can play very well in midfield. Broh can play in many positions, he is a universal player, but we will continue with Damiani at the bottom to have continuity. I respect Soleri a lot, he is closed by the fact that space in the department is limited to give continuity to Brunori. When he joined Bari he kept the team up, he was fundamental, but you play in eleven and there are five changes. The attack department we have allows us to have more solutions, and with Tutino we have added even different features.

The idea is to consolidate the attitude of the last few games – continues Corini – Tutino is growing, but we want to continue on the line of continuity. Saric is growing athletically and tactically, he can still improve in some respects, and it’s an incentive for him to return to a place where he has done so well. The boy knows of the growth he has had and which has led him to play as a starter in the last few games.

We have grown compared to the first leg – concludes the coach – we have worked hard and humbly hoping to build a better path than the one that brought us to Terni. That was a difficult period, but it consolidated who we are and who we want to become.

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

Probable formations of Ascoli Palermo, Corini Conference, 22nd Serie B

ASCOLI (3-5-2): Loyal; Simic, Botteghin, Quaranta; Adjapong, Collocolo, Proia, Falzerano, Falasco; Dionysus, Strong.

Unavailable: Bellusci, Caligara, Gnahoré

Suspended: Giovane

PALERMO (3-5-2): Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Marconi; Valente, Segre, Damiani, Saric, Sala; Brunori, Di Mariano.

Unavailable: Elia, Stulac, Vido, Bettella, Gomes

Disqualified: /