Ascoli Palermo | Highlights 22nd Serie B 22/23

Ascoli Palermo | Highlights 22nd Serie B 22/23

Ascoli Palermo | Highlights 22nd Serie B 22/23

Ascoli Palermo 29/01/2023: A very important match for both teams, separated by only two points and intent on moving further away from the low-ranking areas, with an eye also on the play-off area.

First Halftime | Ascoli Palermo | Highlights 22nd Serie B 22/23

The teams enter the pitch, the hosts wearing black and white jerseys with black shorts, while the guests play in pink jerseys and white shorts. Minute’s silence at the “Del Duca” stadium for the disappearance of the former FIGC president Carlo Tavecchio.

Palermo, in this first half, will attack from right to left. The pinks kick off the match: the challenge between Ascoli and Palermo begins. In the 2nd minute from a free kick from the right by Valente, Marconi manages to break free and hit his head, but the ball slowly lands on the bottom.

In the 7th minute Ascoli also responds with Gondo who, after overtaking Nedelcearu in the stretch, concludes from the edge finding Pigliacelli’s answer.

Possession of the ball in the hosts’ hands at the start of the match, with Palermo defending themselves in an orderly manner and trying to restart with intense pressing, especially in the middle of the pitch.

In the 13th minute, a great occasion for Palermo to counterattack with Di Mariano running away to the left at the defense of Ascoli, a low cross from the Rosanero in the middle for Brunori who manages not to deflect the ball into the net. In the 15th minute, Palermo’s goal takes the lead!

Damiani recovers the ball in his own trocar and launches directly for Brunori, the Rosanero striker controls and beats Leali with a choked but lethal diagonal low shot. The result of the “Ciro and Lillo Del Duca” is unlocked, with the pinks who hit the break on the second useful attempt.

In the 25th minute Palermo is still dangerous in the restart with Valente who, from the right, centers and ends on goal with his left foot, finding Leali’s prompt response.

The pinks were very dangerous in this phase of the match, with Di Mariano shooting twice between minutes 28′ and 29′, first finding Leali’s answer and then just touching the post to the right of the Ascoli goalkeeper in the second shot.

In the 32nd minute Ascoli was very close to equal with Gondo, good at anticipating Mateju with a header directly from a corner but Pigliacelli sent for a corner with an excellent reflex.

A minute later Palermo still forward with Valente who, from the right, let’s go the cross for Brunori’s head who manages to impact but does not find the goal.

Ascoli still dangerous from a corner in the thirty-sixth minute, this time Ciciretti shoots directly towards goal with a great trajectory but Pigliacelli still responds with an excellent save.

Goalkeeper, who, on the consequent corner, opposes once again the non-irresistible conclusion from outside the area by Falasco.

The landlords did better in this first-half finale, with the pinks in control after an early part of the match played at a very high pace.

In full recovery Palermo dangerous with Marconi who, on a corner taken by Valente, “spizza” the ball with his head but Leali finds the ball over from close range and blocks in two stages.

PALERMO F.C. 2022/23 Season

Second HalfTime | Ascoli Palermo | Highlights 22nd Serie B 22/23

The referee Feliciani whistles, the match between Ascoli and Palermo restarts, with the first ball of the second half kicked by the hosts.

Immediately Ascoli forward and dangerous once again on corner developments, with Gondo managing to hit his head but not finding the rosanero goal.

In the 48th minute Palermo was very close to doubling the lead: Valente crossed in the middle, after the header of an Ascoli defender the ball reached Di Mariano who hit his head alone in front of Leali sending the ball sensationally out.

In the 56th minute, the first yellow card of the match for Mateju for dangerous play on Falasco. In this beginning of the second half, Ascoli is pressing in search of an equal goal with Palermo who hold up the impact of Bucchi’s men.

The most inspired is certainly Ciciretti, shooting from outside the area on a couple of occasions without however finding the mirror of the goal defended by Pigliacelli.

In the 60th minute Palermo also responds with a free kick taken from the left by Valente and a header in the area by Segre who finds Leali’s answer in a corner kick, on the next corner deflection by the omnipresent Marconi in the area who does not find the door.

Double substitution in the 62nd minute for Ascoli, the first of the match: Ciciretti and Gondo out, Dionisi and Forte in. In the 63rd minute Ascoli drew, precisely with the newcomer Forte: scrum in the area from a corner and deflection in front of the Nerazzurri attacker’s line who signs the goal that puts the match back in balance.

After the same goal by the landlords, a second yellow card in Palermo, this time for Nedelcearu, a dangerous game by the Romanian on a wild Forte.

Meanwhile, the squad ran for cover and Corini made the first substitution: Di Mariano out, Tutino in.

In the 69th minute, penalty kick for Palermo! Valente serves Brunori in the area, stop and defense of the ball of the Italian-Brazilian attacker who is brought down by Simic with consequent penalty for the pinks.

Brunori shows up from the spot, but Leali got the ball! The Juventus goalkeeper opposes the Palermo captain’s penalty, keeping the result level.

Double substitution, in the 74th minute, between the squads: Broh takes the place of Damiani and debut in the rosanero for Verre, on the field in place of Segre.

In the 75th minute thrill for Palermo with the referee Feliciani who initially assigns a penalty to Ascoli for a foul by Mateju on Dionisi, the referee checks the VAR noting that it is the Juventus forward who steps on the foot of the Czech defender and cancels the assignment of the penalty.

A lot of competition in this final phase of the match, with both teams battling for every ball in search of the advantage. In the 82nd minute there was Palermo’s goal, what a pearl from Brunori!

The Italian-Brazilian striker restarts directly from a lateral foul beaten by Sala, enters the area and after moving the ball to the right, he ends up hitting the far post by beating Leali with the help of a fatal deflection.

Double substitution for Ascoli which increases its offensive arsenal: out Buchel and Adjapong, in Mendes and Lungoyi.

Corini also responds with a double substitution who, in the 87th minute, brings in Soleri and Orihuela, making his debut for the rosanero, in place of Brunori and Valente.

In the meantime, problems for Dionisi who, recently entered, is forced to leave the field to make room for Re.

In full recovery, Palermo can end the match on the counterattack, but Leali opposes Tutino’s low shot from inside the penalty area of Ascoli. At the end of the five minutes of added time, the challenge of “Del Duca” ends, with Palermo returning home with three very important points.

VIDEO | Ascoli Palermo | Highlights 22nd Serie B 22/23

Table | Ascoli Palermo | Highlights 22nd Serie B 22/23

ASCOLI: 1 Leali, 4 Simic, 5 Quaranta, 10 Ciciretti (from 62′ Dionisi)(from 87′ Re), 15 Gondo (from 62′ Forte), 17 Adjapong (from 84′ Lungoyi), 18 Collocolo, 28 Proia, 33 Botteghin (cap.), 54 Falasco, 77 Buchel (from 84′ Mendes).

Available: 12 Bolletta, 13 Guarna, 7 Lungoyi, 9 Dionisi, 11 Forte, 20 Donati, 21 Giordano, 23 Falzerano, 27 Eramo, 44 Tavcar, 90 Mendes, 97 Re.

Coach: Bucchi.

PALERMO: 22 Pigliacelli, 3 Sala, 8 Segre (from 74′ Verre), 9 Brunori (cap.) (from 86′ Soleri), 10 Di Mariano (from 66′ Tutino), 15 Marconi, 18 Nedelcearu, 21 Damiani (from 74′ Broh), 28 Saric, 30 Valente (86′ Orihuela), 37 Mateju.

Available: 1 Grotta, 12 Massolo, 4 Orihuela, 7 Tutino, 14 Broh, 25 Buttaro, 26 Verre, 27 Soleri, 79 Lancini.

Coach: Corini.

Referee: Feliciani (Teramo). Assistants: Colarossi (Roma 2) – Cavallina (Parma). Fourth Officer: Fiero (Pistoia). VAR: Di Martino (Teramo). AVAR: Cecconi (Empoli).

SCORERS: 15′ Brunori (P), 63′ Forte (A), 82′ Brunori (P).

NOTES: Booked: Mateju, Nedelcearu.