Mr.Baldini, Conference before the match against Paganese

Mr.Baldini, Conference before the match against Paganese

Mr.Baldini, Conference before the match against Paganese

The guys trained well as usual. My outburst does not arise from a defeat, but comes from a moral defeat, at that moment I didn’t want to justify the team that was happy to have reached the same level as Potenza. This led me to say what I said.

So, Silvio Baldini, Palermo coach, spoke at the press conference in view of the match against Paganese, scheduled for 2.30 pm. “I don’t know if it will help, with my conscience I’m okay, I have to put them in the conditions to do a great championship – added Baldini -. We just have to wait for the pitch and see what the answer will be ”.

The rosanero are veterans of two draws against low-ranking formations, but the goal for Baldini remains that of the leap in the category: During the week we met: if we want to go to Serie B we can no longer hide – underlined the coach of the Palermo -. Coming to third parties gives considerable advantages. In the locker room in Potenza I heard that we had made a good comeback, but I haven’t been there. Palermo must go to Serie B, we must not simply have a good championship, I am not interested in my career and they must not be interested in them either.

Long faces? The boys trained very well, I am very demanding and they are not careless, they are very intelligent – explained Baldini -. The situation is similar to that of Italy, if there is emotional participation these things do not happen. Silipo? I try to meet the technical needs of the kids. Palermo needs everyone, to win you can’t leave anyone on the street.

Finally, again on the match against Paganese, Baldini concluded: If we finish tenths playing as we played in Francavilla I am confident for the playoffs if instead, we finish second playing as we did in Potenza I have some more doubts. We have to win games to boost our self-esteem. By doing this, winning games will be easier. Tomorrow will be a hot match, they will not welcome us with roses and flowers. The Paganese must be saved but we shouldn’t be interested in this.

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

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The probable formations / Mr.Baldini, Conference before the match against Paganese

PAGANESE (3-5-2): Baiocco; Sbampato, De Santis, Murolo; Perlingieri, Zanini, Tissone, Cretella, Manarelli; Tommasini, Florence.

Unavailable: Castaldo, Del Regno, Diop. Disqualified: Manarelli, Bensaja

PALERMO (4-2-3-1): Massolo; Accardi, Lancini, Marconi, Crivello (Giron); De Rose, Dall’Oglio (Damiani); Valente, Luperini, Floriano (Soleri); Brunori.

Unavailable: Marong.