Mr.Baldini, Conference before the match against V.Francavilla

Mr.Baldini, Conference before the match against V.Francavilla

Mr.Baldini, Conference before the match against V.Francavilla

The coach of the rosanero team Silvio Baldini is projecting himself to the next championship challenge that will see the Sicilians engaged in the away match against V.Francavilla.
On this 29th day of the Serie C group C, scheduled for Saturday 26 February at 5.30 pm.

The speech of the ‘small’ camp in my opinion – Baldini said at a press conference – also applies to them. We have to go there and see the game on some aspects, whether it will be more technical, tactical, or on the dribble. The numbers say that they win because, for example, they are looking for many verticalization, managing to hurt their opponents. They also defend themselves well and it is difficult to find spaces. However, this will depend on how we deal with them. We have to stake our honor and our pride, if we put this on, the result will come. The boys are fine. Except for Crivello who is injured and Soleri suspended, the whole squad is available.

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I look at the training sessions and how the boys are doing during the last ones – explains the Tuscan coach -. I see who is willing, hungry and who has the right spirit. I’m looking for those who believe that Palermo can do something important. This week everyone trained really well, tomorrow we will have a great match and we will get a result. I see a team convinced of their means. I can’t wait for tomorrow, I’m also curious to understand why the Apulians have won seven straight home wins by beating teams like Bari or Catanzaro. It will be a good test after the 5-0 against Turris. Also because Virtus Francavilla lost at home against Turris, we’ll see.

A match that will not be decisive but very indicative – continues the rosanero coach on the eve of the match -. He will tell you what our characteristics and our spirit are. I am very convinced that we will have a great race after seeing this week’s training. Fella and Silipo? A coach must enhance the whole squad and must give everyone the same comfort and the same professionalism. When the opportunity arises, they must demonstrate their usefulness. I see some players more ready, but that does not mean that they will not be able to make a greater contribution in the future.

It is a team that is five points ahead of us, so we will face an important reality that has beaten Bari and Catanzaro. This means that it is a team that has values, play, and organization with a good coach. If we want to aim for something important, we have to show who we are. We must go looking for answers without being afraid to do well this season finale and try to play our chances in the playoffs.

Mr.Baldini, Conference before the match against V.Francavilla
Mr.Baldini, Conference before the match against V.Francavilla

On the statements of the opposing coach regarding the match not played by the rosanero in the midweek round, Baldini admitted: “Everyone expresses what he thinks. I don’t think he has said things that cause us disappointment. We have to go there and show that having three more days of rest can certainly be an advantage. It was obviously better than them. I would have said this too. The only thing that doesn’t matter is that you don’t understand why, it’s a question to ask the federation.

Giron and Crivello occupy the left-wing – says the Tuscan coach -, but tomorrow the starting Frenchman will leave and that’s right too. He has improved a lot since he arrived. I did double training this week but I didn’t see any matches, I only saw some highlights.

Doda? He is a smart guy who works very well. For now, not having a pair on the left due to Crivello’s injury, I tried it there too, so if needed he would have no problem playing on the left as seen during training. Furthermore, if you play on 16 meters, you are an important team, if you widen the field you become more vulnerable. In such a small field the spaces are narrow, it will be necessary to be compact and short. We have to play like in Catanzaro, for 80 minutes in the attack phase without the ball between our feet.

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Probable formations / Mr.Baldini, Conference before the match against V.Francavilla

Virtus Francavilla (3-4-2-1): Nobile; Delvino, Miceli, Idda; Pierno, Franco, Toscano, Ingrosso; Mastropietro, Maiorino; Patierno. Coach: Roberto Taurino.

Palermo (4-2-3-1): Pelagotti; Accardi, Lancini, Perrotta, Giron; De Rose, Damiani; Valente, Luperini, Floriano; Brunori. Coach: Silvio Baldini.