Baldini conference before the 1st quarter National Playoffs against Entella

Baldini's conference before the 1st quarter National Playoffs against Entella

Baldini conference before the 1st quarter National Playoffs against the Virtus Entella

The Palermo coach knows that to keep the promotion dream alive, Palermo must think to himself: “One opponent is as good as another. I believe in the promotion, I understand it from fate, as seen with the penalty saved by Massolo in the return of Triestina. No superstition, I am convinced that we will reach the end ”

“I can see the match against Triestina in different ways: I say that in certain matches there are also opponents, they played without thinking about the result and they put us in difficulty. The positive note is that we conceded a goal on the 76th and, then, we no longer suffered and, on the contrary, we grew up. In the most difficult moment, the team was able to suffer. Of course, we know that it will not always go as well as the other night. But let’s take the positive things “.

“The fans who will go to Chiavari? The more we have, the better: the other night, without the 32,000, we would have lost. It is not true that the public has put pressure on us. I’m happy to coach this group, because the other night – despite the difficulties – we got out of it mainly thanks to the fans. “

“Dry Brunori? Palermo counts: the important thing is that, if he doesn’t score, the others are there. That he hasn’t scored yet is the last problem for me. “

“Entella spent more than Reggiana and more than Palermo: their goal was immediately to recover. On the pitch, however, the people go there, not the money. Entella has shown that they have players who are a luxury for Serie C. We will play for it, we must have the personality to go and play according to our qualities, not those of the opponents. “

“In place of De Rose I have not yet decided: either Damiani or Odjer. It will be an important absence for Palermo. We have tried to make up for the absence: whoever takes the field once or twice must be able to do well and, indeed, do better. Luckily we will have him on the return, while Entella will not have Schenetti because he is disqualified for two days “.

“Fox? I remember it at the time of Empoli. He was a kid, he trained with us. A smart and dynamic boy, then I lost sight of him and found him on the bench of the Entella, like the last time we met at the airport in Fiumicino “.

“I believe in the promotion to Serie B, I understand it from fate, as we saw in the return of Triestina: starting with the penalty saved for example. An opponent is as good as another, we only owe it to ourselves. No superstition, I am convinced that we will reach the end “.

“I remember when I was coaching Carrarese and we conceded a goal in the 90th from Entella who, among other things, was offside. For me, therefore, it will be an opportunity to redeem myself: but I’m not talking about redeeming something “.

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

Here are the probable formations of ENTELLA vs PALERMO

VIRTUS ENTELLA (4-3-1-2): Borra; Coppolaro, Pellizzer, Chiosa, Barlocco; Rada, Palmieri, Karic; Meazzi; Magrassi, Merkaj.

Unavailable: Morra, Paolucci

Suspended: Schenetti, Dessena

PALERMO (4-2-3-1): Massolo; Buttaro, Lancini, Marconi, Giron; Damiani, Dall’Oglio; Valente, Luperini, Floriano; Brunori.

Unavailable: Marong

Suspended: De Rose