National Playoffs Lega Pro Highlights Palermo vs Triestina / Return of 1st

Highlights Palermo vs Triestina / Return of1st National Playoffs Lega Pro

Highlights Palermo vs Triestina / Return of 1st National Playoffs Lega Pro

Playoffs Lega Pro: Palermo still wants to continue dreaming and after beating Triestina 2-1 in the first leg, they go in search of the next round against 30,000 spectators who will push the rosanero for a promotion that, to date, is still a long way off.

First HalfTime / Highlights Palermo vs Triestina / Return of 1st National Playoffs Lega Pro

The first ball of the match is managed by the hosts. Immediately an aggressive departure of the team led by Mr. Bucchi, who at the end of the regular season was classified in fifth place in group A. Clamorous opportunity for Palermo in the 4 ‘. Triestina misses the exit and loses the ball, Brunori kicks Offeredi somehow deflects it making it reach Valente who is disturbed and sends it out. First yellow card of the match in the 12th minute, Volta stops irregularly, on the short side of the area, Floriano and for the referee, there is no doubt and whistles a free-kick that DallOglio wastes hitting the barrier.

Another yellow card is always for the guests. Captain Crimi to stop Luperini who was flying on the wing pulls his shirt and receives the yellow. A match that was somewhat blocked in these first 15 minutes of play, with the Albardati trying to make themselves dangerous and Palermo let them do a bit.

Penalty for the guests at minute 19 ‘. Marconi loses the marking on De Luca who anticipates him, the defender puts his foot down, and in the confusion, De Rose pushes an opponent and receives the yellow card. A bit of tension between the two teams and Mr. Giordano, before kicking the penalty, must call the captains to restore calm.

Massolo super saves the penalty kick taken by Procaccio. The goalkeeper dives to his left and senses the angle chosen by the opposing player, also winning the goal kick. At 31 ‘Massolo is still decisive on a free kick for the red and white. The sphere crosses the whole area, and the former Virtus Entella with great reflexes repels, removing the danger.

Triestina tries to push in every way to find the goal that would put everything back into play, the hosts, however, are not there and fight on all the balls because they know the importance of the challenge. The home crowd continues to make themselves heard and in these first 45 minutes of play they did not miss their contribution to the team for a second.

After 1 ‘of recovery the first part of the match ends with the result of 0-0.

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Second HalfTime / Highlights Palermo vs Triestina / Return of 1st National Playoffs Lega Pro

The challenge resumes with the same twenty-two who finished the first part of the match. Ready via Valente tries one of the defaults on the right-wing, the rosanero winger after running more than 50 meters ball at his foot is stopped in the opposing half of the pitch.

Great opportunity at 5′ of the second half, Brunori manages to unmark and kick the goal of Offeredi, but finds a wall in front. 1 ‘Triestina is dangerous, ball crossed in the center of the area where Buttaro and Lancini arrive, annoying the attacking opponent who sends out. Throwing objects onto the pitch from the South Curve, with the referee forced to stop the match.

The stewards must protect the gate leading onto the pitch to stop the invasion. It is not a good scene that we witnessed for a few minutes at ‘Renzo Barbera’.Double change between the guests, Bucchi recalls De Luca and Giorico on the bench for Trotta and Ala-Myllymaki in the 61st minute. Triestina scored but canceled for offside, with Barbera breathing a sigh of relief.

At 20 ‘of the rosanero is dangerous with Brunori, the rosanero number 9 starts a very powerful shot towards the poles ofOffedi but is not very precise and touches the poles. Valente tries to push on the right side, the rosanero player kicks with his left and finds a deviation in the corner.

Guests ahead at 78 ‘with Litteri. The striker who entered the field a few minutes ago jumps higher than everyone else in a corner kick in favor and spits with his head, bagging behind Massolo. Try to react to the home team and to drag it is the top scorer Brunori who receives the ball and arrives in the area jumping two opponents but gets said no by Offeredi.

Baldini tries to give new inertia to the team and decides to send Soleri on the field in place of Floriano, who did little in the second half. More sparks in the field. Litteri hits De Rose with the ball far away.

The rosanero captain stays down and there is yellow for the attacker from Trieste. Meanwhile, Bucchi is forced to recall Sarno on the bench who accuses of a physical problem and must leave after just under 10 ‘of play. There will be 6 minutes of recovery decreed by the referee.

Bucchi’s team goes all boarding in search of the goal that would qualify them; the hosts are defending themselves tooth and nail. Palermo with a goal with Luperini in the 95th minute.

Throw-in at the height of the rosanero bench, the ball arrives between Soleri’s feet, good at moving it with the outside and arriving in the area where he kicks, the ball replies and arrives between the feet of Luperini who does not think twice and starts a tremendous blow to the Offeredi door, settling the score. It ends like this, the rosanero reach the second national round and continue to dream of promotion to Serie B.

Video / Highlights Palermo vs Triestina / Return of 1st National Playoffs Lega Pro

Table / Highlights Palermo vs Triestina / Return of 1st National Playoffs Lega Pro

PALERMO: 12 Massolo; 25 Buttaro, 79 Lancini, 15 Marconi, 6 Crivello; 20 De Rose (chap.), 11 Dall’Oglio; 30 Valente, 17 Luperini, 7 Floriano (from 83 ‘Soleri); 9 Brunori. Available: 1 Pelagotti, 3 Giron, 4 Accardi, 10 Silipo, 16 Somma, 19 Odjer, 21 Damiani, 23 Fella, 33 Perrotta, 75 Felici, 77 Doda. Coach: Baldini.

TRIESTINA: 1Offedi, 5 Rapisarda, 7 De Luca (from 61 ‘Trotta), 14 Volta, 15 Ligi, 18 Crimi (cap.), 20 Procaccio (from 73’ Sarno from 85th day), 24 Giorico (from 61 ‘ Ala-Myllymak), 27 Calvano, 47 St Clair (from 73 ′ Litteri), 52 Galazzi. Available: 22 Martinez, 6 Lopez, 25 Baldi, 28 Giorno, 30 Esposito, 33 Iacovoni. Coach: Bucchi.

Referee: Giordano (Novara); Assistants: Pompei Poentini (Pesaro) – Lencioni (Lucca). Fourth Official: Pascarella (Nocera Inferiore).

NOTES: Ammonito Volta, Crimi, Ligi, Calvano, Litteri (T), De Rose, Brunori, Lancini (P)

SCORERS: Litteri 78 ‘, Luperini 95’