Coach Baldini’s conference before the last regular season match against Bari

Coach Baldini's conference before the last regular season match against Bari

Coach Baldini’s conference before the last regular season match against Bari

Head to Bari, not to the playoffs. This is the message that Silvio Baldini sends on the eve of the San Nicola match, which Palermo will have to use as a “test in view of the playoffs”. Therefore, the owners will be on the field, except Giron and Luperini, both disqualified: the rosanero coach will send Fella and Crivello from the first minute.

Returning to play after two weeks is not an excuse: we worked well and prepared the game down to the smallest detail, also because we had a lot of time available. We will have to show who we are and by finding some difficulties we will be able to improve ourselves.

Playoff match? Certainly, but already in Monopoli it was. Even if we have little time, we need to understand what we can improve. Tomorrow will be an important test, a playoff test: I prefer to face Bari than, for example, the Vibonese.

Absence of Luperini? There is no one who has the characteristics of him: only Kantè recovers more balls. I replace him with Fella, who has always scored and has great qualities. He has other characteristics compared to Luperini: we will not recover the ball as before, but Fella can have an impact with other plays: he must show that Palermo is a more than competitive team with him on the pitch. There is no Giron on the left, so Crivello will play: we have this couple among the substitutes.

In any case, I will field the best formation against Bari. We are only thinking about Sunday’s match. I will not listen to the other fields, I do not care, unless there will be sensational results a quarter of an hour from the end: in that case it is right to safeguard the players who are warned.

Since I arrived I have done everything to improve the team, in the last month we have also found the feeling with the results. We are all happy with what we have achieved so far.

The team has grown in terms of results, but the commitment has always been there. The last fifteen days they have trained very well, with the right mentality. Bari will want to celebrate, but we are ready to play the game.

If we finish fourth, it means we deserved to finish fourth. We do not count, if it gets better it means that we will have deserved it. Any regrets about second place? There may be some regret, but we cannot speak of regrets. We will see tomorrow what the final placement will be.

At the end of the season? In Palermo I found the ideal situation, whatever happens I will have no regrets because I gave my all. I will always be fond of this city, and I will never hold a grudge if society chooses not to continue with me

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

Here are the probable formations of Bari vs Palermo

BARI (4-3-1-2): Polverino, Belli, Di Cesare, Gigliotti, Mazzotta; Maiello, Maita, Mallamo; Galano; Antenucci, Paponi.

Unavailable: Pucino

Disqualified: /

PALERMO (4-2-3-1): Massolo; Accardi, Lancini, Marconi, Crivello; De Rose, Dall’Oglio; Valente, Fella, Floriano; Brunori.

Unavailable: Felici, Somma, Marong, Pelagotti

Disqualified: Giron, Luperini