Como Palermo, Corini Conference 35th Serie B

Como Palermo, Corini Conference 35th Serie B

Como Palermo, Corini Conference 35th Serie B

Como Palermo 29/04/2023: The Palermo coach, Eugenio Corini, intervenes in the press conference to present the challenge on the Como field.

Valente took a knock on his knee, he worked partially in the group today, I saw him free, but I have to make some assessments.

We think we can recover him for the match against Como.

There are four games to go, it is difficult to upset something we have been working on, there is little time. We have to try to figure out how to fill Valente’s position.

Will playmaker come? It’s an assessment I made even before Venice, but I wouldn’t have an alternative on the frontline.

We need to consolidate what we’ve done so far, adapting some players. At this moment, the emotional and mental concept is fundamental.

The goal is to capture that desire to win that has been choked in our throats for some time.

From a physical point of view, the team always has excellent data, also in relation to the opposing teams.

With Venice, Parma and Benevento we pushed to the end. We are calm from this point of view.

Defensively, it’s not easy to change mechanics when you consolidate something.

I don’t see struggling players in the back department.

Graves needs to be managed, he has more difficulty with our pace. Bettella has often had physical problems, Buttaro can play multiple roles and has done well.

Orihuela is growing, but there are nuances he needs to grow on.

Stulac is doing work that doesn’t include training with the team; the week went well, we need to understand if he is then able to work with us.

We will evaluate for Cagliari. It’s important to take the lead, we have to grow when we need to kill the game or manage.

The match in Como is important, the standings’ situation still allows us to aspire to a playoff place, our heart believes in it;

Can open important horizons, we must cultivate the dream to the end.

Nicolo Maja? We are happy that he can come to the game.

Criticisms? It’s part of the role, and I understand the fan. I have great motivation and the necessary balance to handle responsibilities.

I have the trust of the club, I see so many people who support me. You know how attached I am to this square.

I have a dream in my heart and I will do everything to make it come true. I am ready to face anything.

We know that Longo varies in different tactical aspects, we have worked on all situations.

When you change so much, it takes time to create culture and mentality.

From a defensive point of view we have found a good balance, on inactive balls we have conceded something too much, it’s a concept of scoring.

Whatever, we always work, but we need to do more and be realistic about the championship we wanted to do.

Segre or Masciangelo instead of Valente?

On the right we have prepared ourselves with various alternatives, Jacopo can do it, but in the absence of Saric I don’t want to remove alternatives in midfield.

Soleri and Tutino? I’ll decide in the next few hours.

We have always prepared all the matches with great attention. We believe in it and we want to have a great championship final, with complete performances that bring important results.

All the players I have available are ready and trained.

Will you come? There are many aspects we are working on. I talked to him individually, and I gave him an example with two Real Madrid players, Isco (he’s an ex, ed.)

And Modric, and I asked him which player he looks like; he replied Isco and I told him that he must become Modric.

He has the qualities to become that type of player, he can’t just be an attacking player.

I want it to be more connected and incisive, to become successful we have to do the dirty work together.

I always want more, they must feel responsible. We need to create a structure and finish the championship very well in order for this mentality to take root.

It is important to believe in it to the end. For us, Broh’s goal against Benevento meant a lot;

We’ve come within a centimeter of changing inertia, we have to believe in it more. In these four games there is no selfishness but a common goal.

We are the ones who can do these things, and I expect to see this attitude with Como.

PALERMO FC 2022/23 Season

Probable Formation of Como Palermo, Corini Conference 35th Serie B

COMO (3-4-1-2): Gomis; Odenthal, Scaglia, Binks; Vignali, Arrigoni, Bellemo, Ioannou; Iovine; Cerri, Cutrone.

Out: Kerrigan, Solini

Disqualified: /

PALERMO (3-5-2): Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Marconi; Valente, Segre (Broh), Gomes, Verre, Sala; Brunori, Soleri.

Unavailable: Elia, Stulac, Di Mariano, Aurelio, Saric

Disqualified: /