Como Palermo | Highlights 35th Serie B 22/23

Como Palermo | Highlights 35th Serie B 22/23

Como Palermo | Highlights 35th Serie B 22/23

Como Palermo 01/05/2023: Serie B also takes the field on Liberation Day, with the Como-Palermo match valid for the thirty-fifth day of the cadet tournament.

FIRST HALF | Como Palermo | Highlights 35th Serie B 22/23

The teams enter the field. Pink shirt and white shorts for Palermo, while the hosts play in blue and white shirt and blue shorts.

First ball of the match entrusted to the squad who will attack from right to left.

The referee blows the whistle for the start of the match: Como Palermo begins.

In the 4th minute, Palermo were immediately very close to taking the lead with Sala who, from the left,

Sent off a nice cross at the far post who found Buttaro’s header with a sure shot but Gomis passed himself with a great reflection on the goal line.

At 17′ Palermo ahead! Brunori receives the ball on the edge of the penalty area, turns around and shoots directly on goal, hitting the post,

Buttaro pounces on the ball before everyone else and goes past Gomis for the goal that opens the scoring.

The pinks, after the goal of the lead, continue to push and in the 19th minute it is Verre who pulls a blow from long range directly on goal out of the hat but Gomis this time opposes by sending for a corner.

In the 23rd minute, a great reflex from Pigliacelli who swung a precise header from Odenthal over the crossbar from a corner, but a thrill for Palermo and Como, very close to equalizing.

In the 30th minute, penalty kick for Como for an intervention by Sala on Vignali in the area.

The 32nd goal from the hosts, Cerri made no mistake from the spot that displaced Pigliacelli for the goal that restored parity to Sinigaglia.

After the first twenty minutes in clearly rosanero colors, the inertia of the match shifted in favor of Longo’s men,

Especially dangerous in depth by exploiting the high defensive line and the decline in technical level of the squad.

In the 43rd minute the pinks try again on the Sala-Buttaro axis, a cross from the former on the far post and Buttaro once again intervenes on the split ball but this time the ball ends up on the back.

After a minute of added time, the first half ends between Como and Palermo with the result of 1-1.

SECOND HALF | Como Palermo | Highlights 35th Serie B 22/23

The teams returned to the field to start the second half, no changes at half-time by either side.

The hosts kick off the second half, the challenge between Como and Palermo restarts, the thirty-fifth day of Serie B.

Very cautious teams and a game “stuck” in this beginning of the second half, few rings and a lot of battle especially at midfield.

In the 60th minute the first changes of the match for Como: out Iovine, Da Cunha and Vignali, in Arrigoni, Parigini and Chaija.

70th minute, a new substitution for the hosts, with Gabrielloni taking Cerri’s place.

In the 72nd minute Como ringed with Chaija who shot towards goal from a tight angle finding Pigliacelli’s answer, Parigini pounced on the ball, but his shot ended up wide.

73rd minute, Sala and Parigini were booked for a spat between the two that was put down by the match director.

Double substitution also for Palermo, the first of the match, with Broh and Soleri taking the place of Verre and Tutino.

In the 78th minute for Como to take the lead with Gabrielloni who, served excellently by Ioannou, only hits the head in front of Pigliacelli sending the ball out.

Third change in the meantime for the pinks: Out Buttaro author of an excellent game and in Valente.

In the 83rd minute another change for Palermo with Damiani and Vido taking the place of Gomes and Brunori.

In the 87th minute the Como scrum in the area with the ball reaching Nedelcearu, the Romanian defender tries to turn into the area from close range but misses the target.

Longo also concludes the changes in the 88th minute: Ioannou comes in for Blanco.

There are four minutes of added time communicated by the fourth official.

In the 93rd minute Bellemo was booked, a dangerous game by the Como player on Segre advancing towards the landlords’ area.

The referee blows his whistle for the end of the match, another draw for Palermo which, as well as against Benevento, does not go beyond the 1-1 draw against Como.

PALERMO F.C. 2022/23 Season

THE TABLE | Como Palermo | Highlights 35th Serie B 22/23

COMO: 32 Gomis, 2 Binks, 6 Iovine (from 60′ Arrigoni), 14 Bellemo (cap.), 23 Scaglia, 26 Odenthal, 27 Cerri (from 70′ Gabrielloni),
28 Vignali (from 60′ Chaija), 33 Da Cunha (Parisians from 60′), 44 Ioannou (Blanco from 88′), 63 Cutrone. Subs: 99 Vigorito, 3 Cagnano,
4 Fabregas, 7 Chajia, 8 Faragò, 9 Gabrielloni, 10 Baselli, 11 Parigini, 15 Canestrelli, 19 Blanco, 21 Arrigoni, 77 Mancuso. Coach: Longo.

PALERMO: 22 Pigliacelli, 3 Sala, 5 Gomes (from 83′ Damiani), 7 Tutino (from 74′ Soleri), 8 Segre, 9 Brunori (cap.) (from 83′ Vido),
15 Marconi, 18 Nedelcearu, 25 Buttaro (from 79′ Valente), 26 Verre (from 74′ Broh), 37 Mateju. Available: 1 Grotta, 12 Massolo,
2 Graves, 4 Orihuela, 11 Masciangelo, 14 Broh, 19 Vido, 21 Damiani, 27 Soleri, 30 Valente, 48 Bettella, 79 Lancini. Coach: Corini.

Referee: Paterna (Teramo). Assistants: Laudato (Taranto) – Cipriani (Empoli). Fourth Official: Nicolini (Brescia). VAR: Fourneau (Rome 1). AVAR: Longo (Paola).

SCORERS: 17′ Buttaro (P), 32′ rig. Cerris (C).

NOTES: Booked: Sala, Parigini, Bellemo.