Palermo Benevento | Highlights 34th SerieB 22/23

Palermo Benevento | Highlights 34th SerieB 22/23

Palermo Benevento 22/04/2023: The rosanero club takes the field at the “Renzo Barbera” stadium on the occasion of the 34th day of the Serie B championship. Corini’s team faces Benevento.

FIRST HALF | Palermo Benevento | Highlights 34th Serie B 22/23

After the usual greetings, the teams line up on the pitch and the first ball of the match is entrusted to Palermo;

Benevento dangerous in the 7th minute from a corner kick, twice, but interventions by Marconi first and then by Pigliacelli keep the result unchanged.

At minute 12 Palermo takes the lead! Valente’s cross from the right was well intercepted by Sala who stopped the ball by overcoming the opposing defender and immediately kicking on goal from close range.

Manfredini beaten and ball under the top corner. The rosanero, after the 1-0 goal, continue to become dangerous with some actions developed on different fronts of the field.

In the 28th minute, however, Benevento equalized the score! Farias anticipates Mateju and makes the most of Ciano’s low cross, which arrived from the right lane, beating Pigliacelli.

Thanks to the equalizer, Agostinelli’s team seemed to be back in the match and in the 31st minute Ciano kicked hard from outside the box, touching the post to Pigliacelli’s right.

In the 38th minute, Pigliacelli’s miracle! The Samnites take a corner kick and Acampora, with a sure shot, hits the ball with his head, directing it towards the Palermo goal;

The Rosanero goalkeeper was ready and with an open hand he rejected the shot of the opposing midfielder.

In the final minutes of the first half, the pace slowed down, and the teams were no longer able to create many goal chances.

The recovery time is one minute and after the extra time the result remains tied. The two teams go to the locker room one by one.

SECOND HALF | Palermo Benevento | Highlights 34th Serie B 22/23

Benevento replaced Viviani with Karic, while the rosanero sent Damiani and Broh onto the field in place of Verre and Saric.

In the 55th minute Farias tries from long distance but Pigliacelli rejects the conclusion.

A few moments later, it is Sala who worries Manfredini with a volley blocked by the visiting team’s goalkeeper.

In the 59th minute, Farias leaves the field and gives way to Pettinari.

In the 63rd minute, Brunori kicks from the edge of the area, Manfredini still saves the strong conclusion of the Palermo striker.

Four minutes later, Corini gives way to Soleri and Segre, substituting them for Tutino and Gomes.

Following this also mister Agostinelli sends fresh forces onto the field, Tello enters in place of Acampora.

75th minute Carfora also enters the class of 2006, Ciano leaves the pitch exhausted.

In the final moments of the match, Benevento seems to be satisfied with the result of a draw, while Palermo tries to win the match, albeit with poor results.

In the 90th minute, the fourth official shows the luminous scoreboard, there will be five minutes of recovery.

Immediately afterward, Brunori leaves the field after a clash in the game that worried the referee and the Palermo medical staff, Vido enters.

Palermo scores! When the match is just a few moments away, the squad’s fulminant counter-attack with Vido bowling for Segre who in turn lets himself be hypnotized by Manfredini,

On the rebound by the opposing goalkeeper, however, it’s Broh who kicks with a sure shot and scores the 2nd goal -1!

The celebrations of the rosanero are stopped, there is a check by the VAR which communicates a touch of the hand from Segre to the match director: Palermo’s opening goal is cancelled.

The result doesn’t change. Shortly after Mr. Maggioni from Lecco whistles three times, Palermo Benevento ends 1-1.

PALERMO F.C. 2022/23 Season

THE TABLE | Palermo Benevento | Highlights 34th Series 22/23

PALERMO: 22 Pigliacelli, 3 Sala, 5 Gomes (from 67′ Segre), 7 Tutino (from 67′ Soleri), 9 Brunori (C.; from 91′ Vido), 15 Marconi, 18 Nedelcearu, 26 Verre (from 46′ Damiani), 28 Saric (from 46′ Broh), 30 Valente, 37 Mateju. Subs: 12 Massolo, 2 Graves, 4 Orihuela, 8 Segre, 11 Masciangelo, 14 Broh, 19 Vido, 21 Damiani, 25 Buttaro, 27 Soleri, 48 Bettella, 79 Lancini. Coach: Corini.

BENEVENTO: 12 Manfredini, 4 Acampora (from 71′ Tello), 10 Farias (from 59′ Pettinari), 15 Glik, 16 Improta (C.), 18 Foulon, 24 Viviani (from 46′ Karic), 27 Schiattarella, 28 Ciano (from 75′ Carfora), 31 Tosca, 55 Veseli. Subs: 21 Paleari, 22 Lucatelli, 6 Kubica, 7 Karic, 8 Tello, 9 Pettinari, 11 Jureskin, 33 Leverbe, 35 Carfora, 80 Koutsoupias. Coach: Agostinelli.

Referee: Maggioni (Lecco). IV Official: Emmanuel (Pisa). Assistants: Rocca (Catanzaro) and Gualtieri (Asti). VAR: Pairetto (Nichelino). AVAR: Marchetti (Ostia Lido).

SCORERS: Sala (12′), Farias (28′).

NOTES: Ammonites: Acampora, Segre, Veseli, Tosca.