Palermo Spal, Corini Conference 36th Serie B

Palermo Spal, Corini Conference 36th Serie B

Palermo Spal 05/05/2023: Eugenio Corini confirms (almost entirely) the formation that drew on the Como field.

Palermo Spal, Corini Conference of 36th Serie B

Undoubtedly we have to win, we are fully aware of it; we miss him so much, like the fans.

The team is motivated, I saw it clearly, we were disappointed after the Como match.

We have created a strength and an identity, we will put this spirit into play.

Valente is fully available, I will make a tactical assessment of his use from the start.

I think the team risked more in the match against Modena, when we won.

The other races have always been in control, with important performances.

The only match where I felt we had the weight of winning was against Benevento.

Now we have to bring the ‘dirty’ races to our side.

We are one point from the playoffs, with a different path in the last few games there would be more enthusiasm.

Winning against Spal would create self-esteem.

Never say never in this championship. I rotated so many players, everyone got their chance.

We must have the mental strength to read the moments of the match. We have the desire and the will to try until the end.

Brunori is the player who shoots the most on goal in Serie B.

We have to be good at understanding where there is space.

I saw Verre well, he did 75 minutes of level with Como; the choice of substitution was tactical;

He is recovering after all the problems he had.

Buttaro played in a position that he has in the ropes and played an important match, this is a signal for everyone.

I will try to choose the best training possible, I am very attentive to the weekly work.

Spal is strong, they aspired to a different championship like other teams.

We are fully aware of a team that has made an important journey in the last period.

Verre is a complete player, he becomes decisive when he finds himself in the position of trocar to then trigger the strikers.

We are always in time to find other goals besides Brunori; we continue to work on it, they are all involved in the offensive phase.

We’re always dangerous on offensive set pieces, but we can’t score, we’re working on that too.

The midfield did very well in Como, I liked it a lot. Broh and Damiani’s week was important.

Stulac did some technical activations with us, he still has difficulties with the pace.

Next week he should fully return to the group, then,

I will evaluate his condition, which after four months of stoppage will be understandably precarious.

Saric had a knee problem, the idea is to recover it for the match against Brescia.

Spal is a strong team, has important players and comes from five consecutive useful results.

Penalties? I won’t go into the merits, I respect all clubs, we have to think about the pitch and about winning.

Tutino has arrived and had to ‘settle down’ from an athletic point of view.

In the last two weeks I’ve seen him well, in Como I liked his attitude.

I see him growing, however he has already scored two goals and in this season finale he can become fundamental for us.

Direct free kicks? Valente, Verre and Tutino kick very well.

Brunori doesn’t believe it very much, we are working to find the best position.

There was some possibility and every now, and then we were dangerous, without being able to score.

There is time for everything.

PALERMO FC 2022/23 Season

Probable Formation of Palermo Spal, Corini Conference 36th Serie B

PALERMO (3-5-2): Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Marconi; Valente, Segre, Gomes, Verre, Sala; Brunori, Tutino.

Unavailable: Elia, Stulac, Di Mariano, Saric

Disqualified: /

SPAL (4-3-1-2); Alfonso; Fiordaliso, Dalle Mura, Varnier, Tripaldelli; Contigliano, Prati, Maistro; Fetfatzidis; LaMantia, Moncini.

Out: Nainggolan, Dickmann, Zanellato

Suspended: Arena