Corini Conference 12th Day vs Sampdoria

Corini Conference 12th Day vs Sampdoria

On the eve of the 12th Serie B match against Sampdoria, the Corini Press conference

It is a long journey of continuous improvement. The team performed very well, the data certifies it.

We were not effective and we conceded something more.

We have to reflect on the four goals conceded.

There was no match against Lecco, but great attention was paid to understanding certain readings of the game.

There is still improvement to be made, against Spezia the team was able to react, against Lecco it was an incredible match of domination, but in the first half we shouldn’t have suffered certain situations.

There wasn’t the right attention in the defensive readings, we paid for superficiality and a pinch of bad luck. We worked on how the goals were conceded and on attention.

We are ready to go again.

Never had any doubts about the boys. We have changed a lot, there have been some injuries, we are working. But we shouldn’t just focus on the match against Lecco.

We went to thank the public, ready to receive boos too.

Against Cosenza, it was a dominated match, with Lecco it’s the same thing, you can’t lose a match like this.

We created the conditions to win, but we have our share of mistakes. It’s how you react to difficulties that make the difference.

The team is incisive and eager, we have a self-critical spirit, and it’s a continuous cycle: we never stop learning. We are ready to go to Genoa and give a great performance.

Stulac played an important match against Lecco and the idea was to have him and Gomes close.

We need balance, the championship is long and there is a lot of work to do.

There has been a loss of attention in the non-possession phase, and we cannot afford it. We must put great attention and attention to detail back at the center.

We cannot expect the comrade to make up for my mistake.

Sampdoria lost their last two games, but they beat Cosenza, they were winning against Südtirol, they are growing.

They have quality and organization, they are experiencing a not positive moment, but our attention must be even higher. Palermo’s ‘birthday’?

The open day organized by the company was very nice.

Sampdoria were relegated and they are always special years. Parma is in their third year in Serie B, and now they are doing something important.

It is our path in reverse: we want to grow, there is a path that is not always linear, haste is a bad advisor.

We have the personality to do great things in a glorious stadium (the “Ferraris”, ed.), we will give a worthy performance.

We have transformed this bitterness that we carry inside us into great energy.

Midfield? I will have to make some assessments, there are four players, it is essential to cover the pitch well.

In the Venice and Modena matches we worked well, I will reason knowing that I only have a change in that area of the pitch.

We had a good meeting with the boys and I saw a great attitude from everyone, even from those who play less.

On the central defenders I struggle to change, the defense is something special. Nedelcearu and Marconi are training great, I know I can count on them.

Buttaro? He’s recovered, two months have passed. I saw him as ‘free’ and participatory, he comes from a long journey.

Pirlo was an incredible player; as a coach he is following his path, and he knows how to do his job well, he will have a great career.

Come? His qualities are undoubted.

In Palermo, he was penalized by two flus but when he was available he always played, he didn’t provide continuity over the 90 minutes; we made other evaluations, but his value is important.

Soleri raises doubts in me, he always gives something important. We have to define a system and Brunori is a fundamental player, he will be the starter.

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