Corini conference, 25th day vs Como

Corini conference, 25th day vs Como

On the eve of the 25th Serie B, the match against Como, the Corini Press conference

Less than 24 hours before the Barbera match between Palermo and Como, the Rosanero coach Eugenio Corini spoke at a press conference.

Simon Graves received a knock before Feralpi and will not be there, Lund will also not be available for this match.

Desplanches needs a couple of weeks to recover, for Lucioni it is still early to be able to talk about a possible return.

Como has great ambitions, great qualities. We won in the first leg, it’s an important match, we are aware of it.

It already had an excellent staff, which was further strengthened in January.

Having brought back enthusiasm among the fans is a credit to the team.

Responsibilities are growing, we must demonstrate that we deserve this enthusiasm from the Palermo public.

We will have to face a very important exam, the feeling is that we have prepared it well.

In the first leg he made unexpected choices, we expect a different team from that one, in terms of elements and way of playing.

I look at the work week, how the boys are doing, and try to develop more game plans.

I told the players that we have to think one game at a time, we have to set ourselves mini objectives,

Traorè is young, he has to adapt to our mechanisms, there will be a way to see it. He will definitely give us a great hand.

I’m also on a journey, time always helps coaches. Putting a group together takes patience.

Awareness in our means must be nurtured day by day. Those who can handle pressure and have inner strength inside benefit from it in the long run.

I often tell the guys that in training you have to push, even risk some tackles.

This doesn’t mean you have to risk getting hurt, but this is important to keep the pace high and to reproduce as much as possible what happens in the race.

I remember the match against Como (in 2004, ed.) well.

We had the late penalty which I scored, and we managed to win (2-1, ed.).

Numbers and the past are one thing, the present is another. I hope we can write another important story.

I don’t expect big changes on their part.

Furthermore, I expect a possible change, then on the rest I think there won’t be big differences with the last matches played by Como.

We will play our game and develop it in the best way for us.

Let’s not forget that Giuseppe made himself noticed at Pontedera, these are his first experiences in Serie B.

He has an important player like Lund in front of him. Tomorrow he will start from the beginning, and I am sure he will be ready.

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