Corini Conference 5th – Ascoli

Corini conference - Ascoli

On the eve of the 5th Serie B match against Ascoli, the Corini Press conference.

Eugenio Corini spoke in the press conference about the match on Saturday 16 September against Ascoli, valid for the fifth day of the Serie B championship.

An important challenge for the rosanero, eager to continue the growth path begun in this first phase of the tournament.

The Sicilians are in fact seven in the standings, just a few points away from the promotion zone.

Match that arrives at the end of the week’s break, necessary to allow the European qualifying matches to take place.

Round from which Sebastiano Desplanches, Kristoffer Lund and Aljosa Vasic returned.

It allowed us to work with the players who arrived on the market to integrate them.

We missed the national team and the two injured Roberto Insigne and Alessio Buttaro who continue their work to return to the team.

And above all we prepared strategically for the match in Ascoli and for next month which will see us play five matches including the midweek round.

In the morning, Palermo loosened up in Torretta.

The team carried out an activation and mobility, a tactical exercise on the defensive phase and inactive against.

Plans necessary to prepare for the difficult away match on Saturday. Ascoli are a strong opponent.

It has a good mix of young and experienced players, we will play in a warm stadium, we are aware of the difficulties we will encounter but also of who we are and what we want to do.

Every match for us is a test that we want to overcome.

Scoring points is imperative, especially in a competitive championship like this year’s Serie B.

It’s true that this is a new championship, said the coach, but we are curious to understand what the team’s approach will be.

I saw the boys well, they worked well, they are excited and ready to give a good performance.

And often positive performances are crowned with results.

Our improvement this year will have to be that the result will have to come not only with the performance but also by addressing the dirty matches that are typical of Serie B in the best possible way.

A match in which there will be some exceptional exes.

Nestorovski was an important player in Palermo, I also trained him in my previous experience here on the bench for two months.

He knows how to attack space and like all former players he will want to make himself dangerous.

I’m happy with Brunori for what he does, he attacks the depth and works well as a connection.

He was unlucky, but I’m sure that without forcing the goal he will arrive.

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