Corini Conference before the 6th vs Cosenza

On the eve of the 6th Serie B match against Cosenza, the Corini Press conference

On the eve of the 6th Serie B match against Cosenza, the Corini Press conference

I want to address a thought for society. I learned from Mattarella that he came to visit us and that he is very informed about our fate.

For us, it is an honor: an extra motivation and a source of pride. Cosenza?

It’s a team that’s doing well, and Mister Viali has done a profound job.

They have quality players, they are strong on the outside and they are a dangerous team.

We studied them well with the awareness of having to play a great match

If we want to try to achieve a big goal, we have to win games and find a balance between attack and defense.

We have the idea of building a team with an offensive proposition.

In the last period, despite putting in important performances, we only won one.

We are trying to recover Di Mariano, but we don’t have a precise idea about the timing.

He will certainly not be available for another 2–3 games. I have no alternative on Valente.

Luckily we find Verre again who has an offensive attitude.

Verre didn’t play the match, but I saw him recovered: for us, he will start, I don’t know how long he will be on the pitch.

Nedelcearu had a full week and I saw Marconi motivated. They all miss the game, especially Ivan.

Bettella felt a slight discomfort yesterday, and we preferred to stop it. We are taking these three days and hope to recover it for Venice.

Penalties? Let’s evaluate solutions, tomorrow too I’ll let the boys try, and then I’ll decide who will be the first to kick.

I saw Matteo well, loose, motivated and balanced. Coming in during the game may have limited him.

Ready to take back his place in the team.

Ours will be a search, a healthy synthesis between madness and balance: we must take the next step.

Aurelius? I also saw Sala well, he recovered and his level in the role has risen.

Masciangelo is also an alternative.

Cosenza builds a lot and Brecianini is an important player for them.

We understood how they intend to press, and we worked to gain an advantage from an attacking point of view

In Parma? I won’t hide from you that I was angry.

The boys had a solid race, but we have to react to do better.

There was a will from everyone, and we have the feeling that we can do well in these seven games.

A victory on Monday would open something important in terms of mentality: it is a race that has many meanings inside.

Renzo Orihuela arrived from a different league, for me the boy still doesn’t have full perception and he has to work on something.

For me, he is more similar to Mateju and Buttaro

The game to play is always the most important, but anything can happen.

We want to win and get the public excited. We want to finish in the best possible way and with a lot of enthusiasm.

Broh worked partially in a group, I saw him better.

Tomorrow he will have a full finishing session: he can be called up, but he can only do a segment

Playing in queue is always special because you know what happens. But this is also part of personality and growth.

It is undeniable that when you play at the end of the day some extra emotion arrives

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