Corini conference before Feralpisaló

Corini conference against Feralpisaló

On the eve of the first Serie B match at Renzo Barbera, Corini conference against Feralpisaló

The Serie BKT Market is closed and head to Feralpisalò, Eugenio Corini, in the press conference, presents the match against the newly promoted club in Serie B.

The first words, however, are addressed to the latest signings in the transfer market:

Coulibaly and Di Francesco are two important players, in the latter we have found the right features as an exterior.

He can also play under the tip, he’s flexible, and we were looking for this type of player.

There was a desire to understand what will we had on Damiani’s departure, and we found the right characteristics in Coulibaly.

Compared to a championship that will also become very physical, he will be useful for this, they are two important operations that we were looking for.

Di Francesco did a workout and Coulibaly none, it’s difficult to see them from the start.

The idea is that the six midfielders have flexibility.

Stulac generally plays in front of the defense, Gomes does too, but we were looking for this flexibility in the midfield based on the players we have.

All six midfielders can play together. The will was to create characteristics that can compensate well.

I think the test passed in Reggio Emilia goes in the direction that allows us to play against the enthusiasm of a newly promoted team.

Respect is due to every opponent, anything can happen in a match, we know the difficulties, but we have to be ready.

The victory in Reggio Emilia is for this, especially after one-on-one and the desire we put into it.

This was the research we had done. Today we can say that we have 10 players who have won Serie B. This allows us from a good team to become a great team, and tomorrow we have important proof of this concept.

Vecchi is a good coach, they play in a dynamic 4-3-3 with interesting players.

They have concepts and ideas, but within 95 minutes, we have what it takes to win.

I want to see this season, that is, bring home the result in games that are not exactly clean.

It is a market built three days after the match against Brescia.

A prospect market was made with Under players, but also a market to reinforce the team’s personality.

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Perfect things don’t exist, but overall we did a great job.

With the latest signings we have to compensate for all this and tomorrow we have an important match to then get to the break and mix the squad in the best possible way.

My idea was to create twenty starters, everyone can play, from goalkeepers to forwards.

I told the players go and see the last goal, let’s score with four substitutes.

The matches last more than a hundred minutes, and it will be fundamental for this too.

Everyone must feel like they are owners, a winning team needs everyone.

It’s part of management to keep everyone motivated, the focus is on putting this shirt on and taking it where we need to.

Even the players have to put their own into it, we all have to make a great championship.

On the left we have two very good under, in that role we need energy and freshness.

There is this ballot for tomorrow, we will see who will play from the first minute.

Roberto Insigne’s characteristics go well together, he doesn’t have a fixed position, and we try to free up space. He has to stay wide and come inside, he did it very well in Reggio.

Maybe we weren’t fluid in the first half, but finding the rhythm in the second half we did better, and we were qualitative.

I have great esteem for Damiani, I struggled to sell him. He knows the game like few others, but we were looking for different features.

We exchanged a few messages when he left. He is still our player, we will follow him and I wish him the best because he is extraordinary.

We represent a city, a club, a passion, the fans never cease to amaze me.

We wanted to feel them close, when we are close we are stronger.

Furthermore, we want to take this team where it deserves, and together we can do it.

We have an additional boost, important things are built day after day.

We missed not being in Palermo in the first matches (two away and one not postponed, ed), but we optimized the sports center as a resource and fixed up the stadium after the concert.

Not only that, but we need to get back to playing in front of the fans, we can’t wait. We want to rejoice with our fans and put in a great performance.