Cosenza Palermo, Corini Conference 13th Serie BKT

Cosenza Palermo, Corini Conference 13th Serie BKT

Cosenza Palermo, Corini Conference 13th Serie BKT

Cosenza Palermo 11/11/2022: Eugenio Corini spoke today, Friday 11 November, at a press conference on the eve of the away match in Cosenza,
an opponent in crisis of results against a rosanero team that comes from two consecutive victories against Modena and Parma.

Cosenza Palermo, Corini Conference 13th Serie BKT – TEXT

We are facing a team that comes from a difficult period – the coach began – they started well, but they suffered some defeats that led to the recent change of technical leadership. He is a tough opponent who wants to recover, they are experiencing a moment similar to the one we went through a few weeks ago. We need to have balance, we come from two victories and for our growth path it is a very important match. Cosenza has retired, and they are preparing the game as best they can, but we have prepared it just as well, and I want to see a team fighting for glory.

We are much more than just covering up and starting again – continued Corini regarding the team’s attitude – when we have the ball we move it well, even if sometimes we fail to create the conditions for real scoring actions. We will have to go through a great phase of non-possession to then take, when we have possession, the spaces left by the opponents.

After a difficult period, Palermo managed to get back on top, finding a balance that Corini now wants to be maintained game after game: We must try to continually raise the level and create an ever stronger identity. We must not be balanced only when things are not going well but also when people say that we have found the right place and the turning point, which for me is only when we reach the result at the end of the season. Matches can be won or lost, but you should never give up on attitude because that’s where you really lose.

Stulac suffered a sprained ankle this week – continued the coach of Bagnolo Mella regarding the situation of the injured – this morning we tried him to assess his condition, but he still felt bad, and we decided to leave him at home. We can not even bring Buttaro for gastroenteritis as well as Lancini who had a fever. Sala approached the camp after two months of absence. He is not ready to play from the start, but he can do a piece of the game, he can raise the level in the offensive phase, and it is a very important recovery.

The rosanero coach continued talking about those who have found less space for now, with the awareness that after the break there will be a series of close matches in which everyone will have to be in the right conditions: Against Parma I sent to warm up both Saric and Stulac, but the perception of the field was what we were holding well, and I decided to close with the midfield that started the game.

Players must know how to conquer space in time. On Saric we are trying to make him become more invading and more inclined to go towards the door, in a position more similar to that of Segre. He has grown a lot in terms of athleticism, but the higher the level, the more I have to start with certain players knowing that others are working hard to find space. We will soon be playing three games in a week, and it will be important to bring all the players to the same athletic level.

A coach can never be satisfied because there is always something to work on – says Corini – when I talk about raising the level, the first is the coach who has to look for improvements and pick up ideas on which to work. Right now I have very clear what players can give, and now we need to make the mechanics more and more fluid. I see situations in which we can do better, and it is a constant search for situations in which players can give their best

The rosanero coach returned to talk about the next opponent, Cosenza, in a match that can bring the team closer to the noblest parts of the standings: We worked with great attention to the game, they have resources in the middle of the field and objective qualities certified by their excellent start to the championship. It is a championship of positive and negative moments, they are now in difficulty, but the structure of Cosenza makes us understand that we will face a tough opponent. We must win the game on aggression and desire, winning this game can bring us to an important position in the ranking, and we cannot miss this great opportunity.

I congratulate Rispoli because he is a great professional – continues the coach regarding the former squad Andrea Rispoli who will be on the field tomorrow as an opponent – I coached him in Palermo and I have a great opinion of him. In Palermo, he left an important memory and is a valuable player even today in Cosenza.

Finally, a consideration also on the defensive department which has regained solidity and which has not conceded a goal from three consecutive games: We have worked on individual and collective issues, creating the conditions for a more solid defense that must cover as few spaces as possible. An in-depth job was done trying to understand the characteristics of the players in depth, we understood the best situation to find the right team and with the weekly work we also raised the level of the defensive department.

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Cosenza Palermo, Corini Conference 13th Serie BKT – VIDEO

Cosenza Palermo, Corini Conference 13th Serie BKT – Probable Formations

COSENZA (4-3-1-2): Matosevic; Rispoli, Rigione, Venturi, Martino; Voca, Calò, Brescianini; Merola, Larrivey, Butic.

Unavailable: /

Disqualified: /

PALERMO (4-3-3): Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Marconi, Devetak; Segre, Gomes, Broh; Valente, Brunori, Di Mariano.

Unavailable: Elia, Stulac, Lancini, Buttaro

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