Coach Filippi before the 15th match against Paganese

Coach Filippi before the 15th match against Paganese

Coach Filippi before the 15th match against Paganese

Palermo looking for a third consecutive victory.
Rosanero coach Giacomo Filippi, on the eve of the match against Paganese, presents the match at a press conference.

Palermo FC 2021/22 Season

The Paganese deserved points in many other games and even more will try to bring out the energy within each player to make a good impression in Palermo. This is why we must be determined by interpreting the match as the last matches.

Grafts? The team and I have to think about ourselves. Never had player problems. Often they were just shortcomings that we made up for very well with those in the squad. Of these problems today I do not do. Then in January we will see the club.

Coach Filippi before the 15th match against Paganese

Luperini didn’t train for a few days due to a back problem, but today he gave me the okay and finally we have everyone available. Looking at the numbers, we weren’t able to do a full three-game match and we hope it’s the right time. It all depends on us. If we report what we do in training with the same intensity, everything becomes easier.

Tissone? I don’t think a player can change the face of a team. He is an important player, one who can change the balance. For me, however, he is not comparable to Santana, it is something else. We have to be careful with all the Paganese staff.

Having everyone is a huge advantage. With the Paganese we have to raise our concentration even more because our present passes through these matches. Then we can expect something more from everyone.

Valente in the role of median? He can do it very well. Being a player who does not give points of reference, it was a solution thought and weighted over time. He can give good results. Mauthe is in a group in an excellent way and his time will come to make his debut.

Sometimes defeats are healthy. I would never want to lose. Not even playing cards with my daughters. But when it happens, it is on defeat that you have to build something good. I was struck by my group with Francavilla where performance and victory were underestimated. There something inside of us was triggered, a reaction.

We do not make calculations at this juncture of the championship. You just have to score points and at the first return with the Latina maybe make a general calculation. In these six games we have to score as many points as possible. On Soleri I keep saying that he is a fundamental and smart forward who can give me multiple solutions in front. He puts me in trouble every Sunday. I rely on Edoardo. Everyone would like it.

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Here are the probable formations of Palermo – Paganese, match valid for the 15th matchday of Serie C 2021/22 (appointment on Saturday 20 November, at 2.30 pm, “Renzo Barbera” stadium in Palermo):

PALERMO (3-5-2): Pelagotti; Buttaro, Marconi, Perrotta; Almici, Odjer, De Rose, Dall’Oglio, Valente; Fella, Brunori.

Unavailable: /

Disqualified: /

PAGANESE (3-4-3): Baiocco; Zanini, Schiavino, Bianchi; Sussi, Cretella, Tissone, Viti; Earnings, Piovaccari, Florence.

Unavailable: Diop, Castaldo, Murolo, Sbampato, Iannone, Del Regno, Perlingieri

Suspended: Zito

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