Highlights Palermo vs Potenza, 14th Match Serie C. Rosanero won!

Highlights Palermo vs Potenza, 14th Match Serie C. Rosanero won!

Highlights Palermo vs Potenza, 14th Match Serie C. Rosanero won!

Palermo is looking for this today against the Potenza of Mr. Troncini who, however, will want to field a high-level performance and try to stop one of the candidates for promotion.

Palermo FC 2021/22 Season

FIRST HALF / Highlights Palermo vs Potenza, 14th Match Serie C

The first ball of the match is managed by the guests on the pitch with a totally white suit. Just the guests at 1 ‘try from a long distance, but the conclusion ends on the right of Pelagotti. From Oglio to 2 ‘he tries to restart on the counterattack but is stopped irregularly and before the action can become dangerous.

Long ball for Brunori in the 3 ‘, the attacker is somehow stopped by Piana and ends up down. The hosts ask for the foul, not the referee of the same opinion.

Fella at 7 ‘touches the goal. The former Avellino, after a corner kick, finds the ball on his right foot and hits it badly with his right fielder. Study phase between the two teams that spaces between the defense shirts, but it is not easy. At 15 ′ the first yellow card of the match and it is for Gigli that to stop Fella, who was starting on the right, must resort to strong manners.

Odjer, in the 21st minute, puts down Sandri who earns a dangerous free-kick. The joke, however, is not the best and allows the squad to overturn the front. Brunori needs a long pass for Fella, Coccia deflects it just enough to allow Marcone to intervene.

The hosts try to push on the accelerator and become dangerous. At 25 ‘Dall’Oglio reaches the edge of the area and ends down, there is some protest but there is nothing. The first real chance for Palermo in the 26th minute.

Valente serves a free-kick cut in the area for Perrotta, the defender is able to get rid of the scoring, but Marcone is even better and denies him the goal. On the overturn in front the guests are unlucky, cross in the center of the area, but no one gets to hit and the ball ends up in a lateral foul.

Minute 33, Palermo still dangerous. Luperini wins a rebound on the trocar, widens for Brunori who slips away on the right, and crosses in the center, the ball, after a deviation, arrives on Valente’s feet who coordinates and sends up with the right.

Heads up Valente and Baclet at the height of the midfield, the referee, when we are at 36 ‘, immediately stops the game and calls the medical staff of the two teams onto the field. To have the worst is the rosanero who must play the rest of the dar with a turban on his head.

Cross in the area in the 43rd minute for Ricci, good at hitting with his head, but unfortunately for him, Pelagotti is careful. 1 ‘after a very dangerous rosanero, a long ball for Brunori the attacker crosses with the right, but splinters the post, and the result is still firm on the result of 0-0.

Dall’Oglio’s short corner kick for Valente, the former Carrarese turns and jumps over his opponent starting a cross-shot that goes to the bottom. After 2 ‘of recovery the first part of the game ends.

SECOND HALF / Highlights Palermo vs Potenza, 14th Match Serie C

Palermo confirms the same eleven who finished the first half; the guests, on the other hand, send Salvemini into the field, who takes the place of Baclet. At minute 51 Palermo took the lead with Fella.

Luperini intercepts a ball in the center of the field, throws long for Almici who has to run at breakneck speed to get to the ball, the full-back serves Brunori in the center of the area, the opposing defenders throw themselves on the ball, making a mistake by serving Fella that of first intention kick in the door to unlock the game.

A free kick from the edge for the guests at 63 minutes. Salvemini takes charge of the joke, however, fails to be precise and his conclusion ends up high. Confusion among the Potenza defenders, who do not understand each other, and after a rebound they need Luperini who reaches the edge of the area but shoots high.

The danger for the defense of Palermo in the 72nd minute, Volpe hits with the right and the first intention kicks towards Pelagotti’s goal, the goalkeeper caught in a mishap is very good to dive and block the ball.

Odjer is dangerous with a shot from outside in the 80th minute. The former Trapani, directly from a free-kick, is served by Almici and kicks on goal, Marcone denies him the joy of the goal. The hosts now manage the final minutes by keeping the ball away from their own area.

Overturning of the front thanks to the relaunch of Crivello. Soleri and Silipo against two opposing defenders who let the ball jump over and on the counterattack with the 2001 class is deadly managing to find the goal that fixes the result at 2-0.

VIDEO / Highlights Palermo vs Potenza, 14th Match Serie C

VIDEO / Highlights Palermo vs Potenza, 14th Match Serie C

TABLE / Highlights Palermo vs Potenza, 14th Match Serie C

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 25 Buttaro, 15 Marconi (cap.), 33 Perrotta; 29 Almici (from 1984 Marong), 11 Dall’Oglio, 19 Odjer, 17 Luperini, 30 Valente; 23 Fella (from 84 ‘Silipo), 9 Brunori (from 75’ Soleri).

Available: 12 Massolo, 3 Giron, 6 Crivello, 36 Mauthe, 54 Peretti, 79 Lancini, 7 Floriano, 31 Corona.

Coach: Filippi.

Potenza: 12 Marcone, 5 Cargnelutti (from 84 ‘Sessa), 7 Coccia (cap.), 8 Sandri, 10 Ricci, 15 Gigli (from 76’ Mestrelli) 16 Baclet (from 46 ‘Salvemini), 18 Piana, 21 Zenuini (from 61 ′ Vecchi), 24 Volpe, 33 Sepe (from 61 ′ Zampa).

Available: 1 Greco, 22 Petriccione, 6 Orazzo, 20 Bruzzò, 25 Zagaria, 26 Matin, 30 Banegas.

Coach: Trocini.

REFEREE: Knight (Trasciatti-Galimberti). IV MAN: Di Marco.

NOTES: Ammonito Giglio, Maestrelli, Zampa (Potenza); Dall’Oglio (Palermo)

SCORERS: Fella 51 ‘

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