Highlights Catania/Palermo 0-1 Derby won !


Highlights Catania/Palermo
The Sicilian Derby is for the Rosanero

First half-time

The rosanero play well in the first fraction: the change of form has paid off, even if the expulsion of the defender complicates Filippi’s plans

A good Palermo ends the first half with Catania at 0-0. A first fraction in which the innovations desired by Filippi, with the passage from Boscaglia 4-3-3 to 3-4-3, had a positive outcome, with the rosanero more reactive and able to go close to scoring. At least after the first ten minutes in which the Etna players had appeared more in … the ball.

The most dangerous was Marconi, with the crossbar hit at 22 ‘, but Marconi always left the team in 10 for the red remedied at 37’ for a bad entry, with his foot high, just outside the area of rigor. For the rest, especially Silipo and Floriano forward and Luperini who seems to be regenerated. The Catania was seen only with shots from afar.

Ivan Marconi will miss Palermo – Juve Stabia. The Palermo defender was the protagonist of a double yellow card in a very short time: the first comes from an argument with Manuel Sarao, Catania center forward.

The discussion between the two inevitably ignited the spirits of the comrades, who intervened on both sides. The referee, to restore calm, opted to warn both players. Marconi, already warned, was already certain of missing the match against Juve Stabia. The second yellow comes from a foul on Russotto.

Catania/Palermo the photogallery


Second half-time

A Palermo transformed in three days and not only in the form. Filippi wins the first bet because he is followed by the team (as he was almost never able to Boscaglia) and makes all the changes. Palermo won the Catania derby despite having less man for an hour (usual stupid dismissal, this time Marconi) and thanks Santana, who scored a wonderful goal.

But it is not only the result – very important – that changes the judgments: Palermo this time has intelligence and character, not all perform at their best but the most “discussed” players under the management of Boscaglia (Pelagotti, Luperini and Somma) are the protagonists in positive of the game that gives the fans the first real joy of the season. Catania, moreover, confirmed itself as a well-structured and solid team, which gives Palermo‘s success even greater significance. And now you can look to the future with more serenity. And the exultation of the team in midfield, at the end of the game, is another frame that must make us reflect.

A heroic Palermo wins the derby against Catania. The squads start strong and have the best chances but Marconi is expelled at half an hour and “inguaia” his teammates, who begin to suffer the return of the hosts. At the beginning of the second half, the Etna players are very close to the advantage, but captain Santana (substitute) invents a sensational goal, making history. Raffaele’s men go in search of a draw vehemently, but the defense led by Accardi holds very well and the three points are from Palermo.

CATANIA (3-4-3): Confente 6; Silvestri 5,5, Giosa 6, Sales 5,5 (dal 17′ s.t. Rosaia 6); Calapai 6,5 (33′ s.t. Albertini s.v.), Dall’Oglio 5,5, Welbeck 6 (dal 17′ s.t. Di Piazza 5,5), Pinto 6 (dal 26′ s.t. Manneh s.v.); Golfo 5 (dal 33′ s.t. Reginaldo s.v.), Sarao 5, Russotto 6,5.

PALERMO (3-4-3): Pelagotti 7; Somma 7,5, Palazzi 6 (dal 35′ s.t. Peretti s.v.), Marconi 4,5; Accardi 7, Luperini 7,5, De Rose 5,5, Valente 5,5 (dal 9′ s.t. Crivello 6,5); Silipo 5,5 (dal 9′ s.t. Santana 8), Lucca 6, Floriano 5,5 (dal 17′ s.t. Broh 6).

Highlights Video Catania/Palermo

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