Highlights Feralpisaló vs Palermo / Semifinals National Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

Highlights Feralpisaló vs Palermo / Semifinals National Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

Highlights Feralpisaló vs Palermo / Semifinals National Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

Semifinals: Feralpisalò and Palermo face off in the first leg of the Serie C playoffs. Baldini’s team, after beating Entella in the double confrontation, faces the Lions del Garda led by Mr. Vecchi, who won against Reggiana. The most important novelty of the first act of the Final Four is the introduction of the VAR during matches.

First Half-Time / Highlights Feralpisaló vs Palermo / Semifinals National Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

Kick-off scheduled at 21.00. The first ball is entrusted to the rosanero, who attack from left to right: the match director kicks off the match at the “Lino Turina” stadium. After five minutes of play the first thrill for the hosts with Luperini in the opposing area who receives the ball from Giron without being able to hit it towards Liverani’s goal.

Very high rhythms in the opening minutes of the match, with reversals on both sides. At 16′ Siligardi tries the conclusion from outside the area but his shot ends high. Four minutes later, Palermo put in place a free-kick scheme by serving vertically Brunori who reached the conclusion with the left-handed, saved by a careful Liverani; action stopped by the referee for an offside position.

At 23 ‘Giron again gains meters in the left-handed lane and serves in the middle Valente who hits the ball touching the intersection of the posts. Shortly after it is Feralpisalò who becomes dangerous with a foray into the opponent’s penalty area, even in this case, however, the ball is not pushed towards the goal.

At 30′ Floriano from a corner kick tries to serve Brunori in the area who tries to finish on the fly without hitting the ball well. Six minutes later Brunori gets and takes a free-kick from about 25 meters away, but his shot is not accurate. In the final minutes of the first half, the teams begin to slow down their play, patiently looking for the most comfortable way to score.

The pace slows down and the players begin to lose several balls. At 43 ′ Palermo takes advantage of a defensive inattention and takes the lead! Brunori receives the ball on the counterattack and thanks to a favorable rebound enters the penalty area all alone and ends in goal with the right to cross beating Liverani.

Just three minutes pass and after a dangerous play by Luperini, the rosanero double! Fulminating insertion by Floriano who overtakes Liverani with a lob after being served vertically by Damiani. After two minutes of recovery granted by the referee, the teams head to the locker room. The first 45 minutes ended with the partial result of 2-0 in favor of the rosanero.

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Second Half-Time / Highlights Feralpisaló vs Palermo / Semifinals National Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

Teams back on the pitch, the second half begins with the first ball beaten by the hosts. At 48 ‘the game stops for a few moments due to possible intervention by the VAR on a penalty kick claimed by the Leoni del Garda; the referee, however, signals that the game can continue. A minute later the same situation arises, this time under accusation there is a touch of Lancini’s hand.

The referee goes to see the action on the screen of “Lino Turina”: the decision arrives, it is a penalty kick for Feralpisalò! On the spot goes Miracles who kicks with the left-handed but is hypnotized by Massolo! The partial remains firm at 2-0 in favor of the rosanero. At 56 ‘double change for Baldini’s team: Floriano and Lancini leave, Soleri and Perrotta enter their place.

At 62 ‘double change also for Feralpisalò: outside Balestrero and Miracoli and inside Hergheligiu and Spagnoli. Minute 66, Brunori still recovers the ball in the offensive phase and from a tight angle tries the conclusion in the goal walled by Liverani. After a turn of the hands comes another replacement for the Sicilians, in the left-handed lane Crivello takes the place of Giron.

At 72 Brunori receives the ball from Crivello with his back to the goal, in a moment he turns and kicks but finds a careful Liverani who walls his conclusion. A minute later it is Siligardi who becomes dangerous with a header that touches the post to Massolo’s left. Mister Vecchi tries to shake him up with some substitutions;

Guidetti and Guerra leave the field and give way to Corradi and Luppi. Last changes also for Baldini at the end of the game: Valente and Brunori leave the pitch and Silipo and Fella take their place. At minute 86 Soleri scores a goal from him! The ball arrives in his area bouncing and the number 27 doesn’t think twice, kicking the ball on the fly and scoring a great goal from outside the area! The rosanero fans present in the guest sector sing and support Baldini’s team in the final minutes of the match.

At 90 ‘ the fourth official announces with the lumino scoreboard that there will be five minutes of recovery. Rosanero has been under management for a while now, waiting for the triple whistle to arrive. After the extra time, the referee decrees the end of the match, Feralpisalò-Palermo ends 0-3.

Video / Highlights Feralpisaló vs Palermo / Semifinals National Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

Table / Highlights Feralpisaló vs Palermo / Semifinals National Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

FERALPISALÒ: 1 Liverani, 2 Bergonzi, 5 Pisano, 6 Bacchetti, 8 Guidetti (cap .; from 76 ′ Corradi), 9 Miracles (from 62 ′ Spagnoli), 17 Guerra (from 76 ′ Luppi), 19 Corrado, 21 Carraro, 26 Siligardi, 28 Balestrero (from 62 ‘Herghelighiu). Available: 12 Porro, 33 De Lucia, 7 Di Molfetta, 10 Corradi, 11 Spagnoli, 15 Farabegoli, 16 Khadim, 20 Luppi, 27 Hergheligiu, 29 Damonte, 30 Castorani, 31 Salines. Coach: Vecchi.

PALERMO: 12 Massolo; 25 Buttaro, 79 Lancini (from 56 ‘Perrotta), 15 Marconi, 3 Giron (from 67’ Crivello); 20 De Rose (chap.), 21 Damiani; 30 Valente (from 82 ‘Silipo), 17 Luperini, 7 Floriano (from 56’ Soleri); 9 Brunori (from 82 ‘Fella). Available: 1 Pelagotti, 4 Accardi, 6 Crivello, 10 Silipo, 11 Dall’Oglio, 16 Somma, 19 Odjer, 23 Fella, 27 Soleri, 33 Perrotta, 75 Felici, 77 Doda. Coach: Baldini.

Referee: Ferrieri Caputi (Livorno) Assistants: Giuggioli (Grosseto) – Aniello Ricciardi (Ancona). Fourth Official: Perenzoni (Rovereto). VAR: Aureliano (Bologna). AVAR: Meli (Parma).

SCORERS: Brunori (43 ‘), Floriano (47’), Soleri (86 ‘).

NOTES: Booked: Lancini, Bergonzi, De Rose, Perrotta, Bacchetti.