Highlights Foggia vs Palermo / 27th match Lega Pro

Highlights Foggia vs Palermo / 27th match Lega Pro

Highlights Foggia vs Palermo / 27th match Lega Pro

After the home win against Juve Stabia for 3-1, Palermo returns to the field to challenge Zeman’s Foggia at the Zaccheria stadium.

Since Baldini’s arrival on the bench, the rosanero have achieved two wins and three draws, which allowed Brunori and his teammates to reach 42 points in the standings. Baldini passes to the three-man defense with Accardi, Lancini, and Marconi ahead of Pelagotti; in the median Odjer and Damiani in the center, while Valente and Felici on the outer lanes; forward only Brunori supported by Luperini and Floriano.

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First HALFTIME / Highlights Foggia vs Palermo / 27th match Lega Pro

Kick-off. Ready to go and after only three minutes Foggia passes forward: Nicolao’s cross from the right, Di Paolantonio pounces on the ball and beats Pelagotti from a few steps away. The rosanero try to react in a confused way, failing to create opportunities.

At 10 ‘some protest from the Palermo bench for an alleged foul in the area on Brunori. At 20 ‘attempt by Odjer from a long distance, blocks Volpe. At 24 ‘equal to the rosanero: Floriano serves Brunori in-depth, the goalkeeper of Foggia stops due to injury, and the number 9 of Palermo deposits on the net, scoring his thirteenth goal in the league.

The hosts will not be there and at 34 ‘they carry on again with Merola who with a precise diagonal brings Foggia back forward. Baldini then shuffled the cards and surprisingly played three fields: Floriano, Odjer, and Felici outside, Crivello, De Rose, and Soleri inside. The first half ends.

Second HALFTIME / Highlights Foggia vs Palermo / 27th match Lega Pro

At the start of the second half, Foggia plays the first ball. Palermo tries to take possession of the maneuver, but in the 58th minute, the trio of Foggia arrives: Curcio’s cross from the left, on the other side Garofalo emerges all alone and deposits on the net from a few steps without Pelagotti being able to intervene.

At 70 ‘the Satanelli drop the poker: Nicolao escapes on the right-wing and serves Curcio. Pelagotti replies on the first attempt, but the rosanero goalkeeper can’t do anything about it. A minute later the rosanero try but Dalmasso neutralizes Brunori all alone in the penalty area.

VIDEO / Highlights Foggia vs Palermo / 27th match Lega Pro

TABLE / Highlights Foggia vs Palermo / 27th match Lega Pro

FOGGIA (4-3-3): Volpe (26 ‘pt Dalmasso); Nicolao, Di Pasquale (15 ‘st Girasole), Buschiazzo (28’ st Sciacca), Rizzo; Petermann, Di Paolantonio, Garofalo; Curcio, Ferrante, Merola (15 ‘st Vitali).
On the bench: Gallo, Rocca, Rizzo Pinna, Maselli, Turchetta.
Coach: Zeman.

PALERMO (3-4-2-1): Pelagotti; Accardi, Lancini, Marconi; Valente, Odjer (37 ‘pt Crivello), Damiani (16’ st Silipo), Felici (37 ‘pt Soleri); Luperini (1 ‘st Fella), Floriano (37’ pt De Rose); Brunori.
On the bench: Massolo, Somma, Perrotta, Mauthe.
Coach: Baldini.

REFEREE: Ricci from Florence.

SCORES: 3’pt Di Paolantonio, 24′ pt Brunori, 34′ pt Merola, 13′ st Garofalo, 25′ st Curcio.