Highlights Monopoli/Palermo 2-1, lost victory, another one

MonPal another lost victory

Highlights Monopoli/Palermo 2-1, another lost victory


Palermo immediately wins possession of the ball, attacking from left to right in these first 45 ‘. The pinks try to manage the ball. On the 11th minute Palermo restarts, Floriano from the outside looks for Rauti in-depth, but the ball is impregnable for the attacker. At 16 ‘Odjer tries from outside the area, his conclusion ends high. Monopoli tries to be seen in the Sicilian half of the pitch and at 19 ‘Paolucci earns a corner kick. On the development of the same, the referee whistles a free kick for Palermo, with Accardi remaining down.

Dangerous action of Monopoli at 22 ‘. Liviero crosses in the center of the rosanero area, Marconi moves away and Paolucci arrives on the rebound who kicks with his right foot without, however, being able to hit the posts defended by Pelagotti. Still forward from Puglia; Bunino kicks from outside the area in the 24th minute, the ball is deflected, and wins another corner kick. Monopoli seems to be in control of the match and Palermo busy defending itself.

Rosanero reacts and in the 29th minute, they win a corner kick. Floriano shows up on the ball, the former Bari crosses in the center where Marconi, with the head, spits it and serves his teammate Somma. The defender finds the ball on his right and he just has to push it into the net, bringing Palermo ahead 0-1.

Rosa who, thanks to their advantage, manages the ball trying to keep the pace low. The Monopoli lets it go and the guests earn meters. At 38 ‘error by Philippi’s men in the management of the sphere; Sum to recover the same commits a foul on Paolucci and is cautioned. Some protests from the home team. Accardi, hit by Liviero, goes down and there is a free-kick for the referee, with the Apulian who are not of the same opinion.

Try to finish Monopoly forward. Piccinni at 42 ′ kicks from far away but the crossbar denies him the joy of the goal, Pelagotti was still watching. There are 2 minutes to the end of the first half, Monopoli pushes to win corners repeatedly. Paolucci at 45 ‘pushes from the left, he has in front of him Somma who cannot be overcome and wins a return from the bottom. The first part of the game ends here, with Palermo ahead 0-1 thanks to Somma’s goal scored on the 29th minute.

Monoppli vs Palermo the photogallery
Another lost victory for the rosanero.

MonPal another lost victory
MonPal another lost victory


Palermo immediately uses a change. Filippi sends De Rose into the fray for Odjer. Lucca, at 48 ‘, positioned at the edge of the area, tries with a bicycle kick, but it is Bizzotto who is hit on the head to stop him. Hosts looking for an equal goal. Another change for the rosanero. At 53 ′ in the field Peretti, who replaces the author of the goal Somma also booked.

The problem for Lucca who stays down and needs medical attention. The rosanero top scorer limps and is accompanied off the pitch. The class of 2000 is unable to continue, in his place Saraniti. Tazzer in the 57th minute tries to overcome Marconi, the rosanero defender is forced to foul to stop him and is also cautioned. Monopoli ahead and at 60 ‘wins a corner kick from which some protest arises due to a probable touch of Peretti’s arm. Meanwhile, Scienza makes the first changes; for the hosts in the field Guiebre and De Paoli for Liviero and Currarino.

Biancoverdi close to scoring the same goal in the 63rd minute. Paolucci kicks right from outside the area, Pelagotti does not hold back and the ball remains there with Tazzer unable to push into the net. Palermo post at 69 ‘. Luperini unloads for Valente, who moves the ball to the right and kicks, it is only the post that tells you no. Double change Palermo, on 70 minutes off the pitch Rauti and Floriano in their place inside Santana and Broh.

Guiebre, at 74 ‘, kicks from outside the area with his right, but his conclusion is inaccurate. After a few minutes of suffering, Palermo pushes forward again looking for the 2-0 goal, which could close the match. The hosts, despite the problems related to Covid, do not give up. Chills for Pelagotti. Bunino tries from outside the box in the 75th minute, the rosanero goalkeeper holds back in two halves and manages to keep the ball in the field.

Pugliesi who, when there are 5 minutes left, touch the equal goal. Guiebre, from a free kick, crosses to the center of the rosanero area, Bunino extends the ball and De Paoli, from a few steps away, fails to put in the net .. The bianconeri still ahead at 87 ‘. Free kick for home training. De Paoli, with a huge blow from outside the area, finds the equal goal in the 89th minute.

There will be 4 minutes of recovery. Palermo in the meantime in ten because Accardi was left out due to an injury immediately after a clash with Guiebre. Goal of Monopoli that at 94 ‘overturns the challenge by going forward for 2-1. Peretti tries to postpone, the ball ends up between the feet of Viteritti who kicks with his right and puts the ball behind Pelagotti. Mister Scienza thinks back on what his team has spent in the last few days and is moved.

He ends here. Palermo can’t find poker and surrenders 2-1 to Monopoli, which hadn’t been on the pitch for twenty-two days due to the positivity of several players at Covid.

MONOPOLI: 1 Taliento, 3 Mercadante (C.), 4 Bizzotto, 5 Arena, 8 Piccinni (from 84 ‘Viteritti), 9 Liviero (from 61’ Guiebre), 10 Paolucci, 17 Bunino, 21 Currarino (from 61 ‘De Paoli), 25 Vassallo, 31 Tazzer (from 73 ′ Zambataro) Available: 1 Satalino, 14 Isacco, 18 Alba, 24 Nina, 26 Di Benedetto, 27 Glorioso, 28 Iuliano, 36 Cirrotola. Coach: Science.

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 24 Somma (from 53 ‘Peretti), 5 Palazzi, 15 Marconi; 4 Accardi (C.), 19 Odjer (from 46 ‘De Rose), 27 Luperini, 14 Valente; 23 Rauti (from 70 ‘Santana), 7 Floriano (from 70’ Broh); 17 Lucca (from 56 ‘Saraniti). Available: 12 Fallani, 2 Doda, 6 Crivello, 8 Martin, 10 Silipo, 20 Kanoute, 26 Marong. Coach: Filippi.

REFEREE: Francesco Luciani (Garzelli-Garzelli). IV MAN: Gianluca Grasso (Ariano Irpino).

NOTES: Ammonito Somma, Marconi (P), Vassallo (M)

SCORERS: Sum 29 ‘, De Paoli 89’, Viteritti 94 ‘

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