Highlights Palermo vs Entella / Quarter National Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

Highlights Palermo vs Entella / Quarter National Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

Highlights Palermo vs Entella / Quarter National Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

The team led by Silvio Baldini takes the field in a “Renzo Barbera” stadium sold out to face Virtus Entella. The match is valid for the return match of the second national round of the Serie C playoffs (in the first leg, the rosanero triumphed 2-1 in Chiavari)

First HalfTime / Highlights Palermo vs Entella / Quarter National Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

The kick-off is scheduled for 9.00 pm. The sports facility of the Sicilian capital records the sold out and the rosanero fans load Baldini’s team already several minutes before the initial whistle. The first ball is entrusted to the hosts, and the match director kicks off the meeting. Palermo scores in the fifth minute on the counterattack carried forward by Floriano.

The same number 7 of the rosanero pushes the sphere to the net with an empty door after Bruori had hit the pole with his conclusion, the match director, however, raises the flag for an offside position. After almost three laps of Lancette de Rose trying the conclusion from outside the area, Borra stops the ball without problems. Entella also tries to make himself dangerous with some restarts carried out along the side lanes. The Sicilian defense, however, is careful and sweeps away the sphere.

In the middle of the first half, after a frenetic start, the rhythms drop. Palermo puts the usual high pressing at stake, which does not allow the Entella to go out ball to the foot. The team led by Baldini also manages to manage the game of the game, turning the sphere from one side of the field with lucidity and patience.

At 38 ‘excellent exchange on the right lane between Damiani and Floriano, the ball is then served on the feet of Bruori who tries the conclusion with the left-handed. However, the shot goes out beyond the pole to the left of Borra. At 41 ‘Merkaj hits his head on the cross of his partner, Massolo blocks the sphere without difficulty.

Almost at the end of the first half the rosanero recriminates a penalty kick, Brunori is landed in the penalty area; The match director, however, is sure, that the game continues. Buttaro at 45 ‘Try a very strong shot from outside the area, Borra has to reject with the fists. After a minute of recovery, the referee whistles twice. The first 45 minutes end up in the network.

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Second HalfTime / Highlights Palermo vs Entella / Quarter National Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

Before the restart, the two teams make some changes. Mister Volpe sends Meazzi to the pitch instead of Capello; Baldini instead opts for Soleri who takes the place of Floriano. Immediately after the match director whistles at the start of the second half. At 50 ‘Meazzi tries the foray into the Rosanero penalty area, but the Sicilian defense closes the spaces. Two minutes later Palermo’s sensational crossbar! Brunori recovers the ball from a tight angle and serves Soleri in the middle who hits the ball with a sure shot!

On the goal line, however, there is Chiosa who somehow rejects the ball on the crossbar and keeps the result at 0-0. At 57 ‘penalty kick for Entella! Massolo comes out on the insertion of Merkaj and with his arms hits the legs of the Ligurian striker; the referee points to the spot. The penalty is beaten by the same number 33 from Liguria: Massolo senses the side of the conclusion but it is not enough, Entella takes the lead! Baldini responds with a substitution, Valente comes out and Silipo enters his place. Volpe also makes a change, Magrassi leaves the pitch and Morosini enters his place. In turn Baldini lets Odjer in for Damiani. Immediately afterward, Merkaj ball and chain sowed panic among the rosanero defenders, but the action of the Ligurians died out with a shot high over the crossbar.

At 70 ‘the incredible happens! Merkaj still carries the ball forward, Massolo comes out and is overtaken by the Ligurian number 33; Entering the penalty area, the Entella striker serves Karic in the middle who puts the ball on the net! The environment warms up on the pitch and in the stands, and with this result, the Ligurian club goes to the next round. The Rosanero coach tries the last move: Crivello and Fella enter the field and take the place of Giron and De Rose. The rosanero now tries to push trying to reopen the match.

Soleri at 79 ‘beats Borra and blows up the “Barbera”! He recovers the ball in the penalty area and sends a very powerful shot straight into the corner to the left of the Ligurian far defender! Volpe also responds to the goal of the hosts with a substitution: Palmieri enters and Rada exits. In the 83rd minute, Palermo scores the second goal! Still on a tight angle from the left Soleri tries the conclusion blocked by the Ligurian defense, the ball is rejected and after getting up is hit with a scissor kick by Fella! It’s the 2-2 goal! Last changes for the visiting team: Dessena and Coppolaro leave the pitch and Lescano and Di Cosmo enter. Palermo now suffers but tries to become dangerous on the counterattack. There will be five minutes of recovery. After the extra time, the referee blows his whistle three times! The rosanero are in the semifinals, Palermo-Virtus Entella ends 2-2.

Video / Highlights Palermo vs Entella / Quarter National Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

Tabke / Highlights Palermo vs Entella / Quarter National Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

PALERMO: 12 Massolo; 25 Buttaro, 79 Lancini, 15 Marconi, 3 Giron (from 76 ‘Crivello); 20 De Rose (cap .; from 76 ‘Fella), 21 Damiani (from 63’ Odjer); 30 Valente (from 63 ‘Silipo), 17 Luperini, 7 Floriano (from 46’ Soleri); 9 Brunori. Available: 1 Pelagotti, 4 Accardi, 6 Crivello, 10 Silipo, 16 Somma, 19 Odjer, 23 Fella, 27 Soleri, 33 Perrotta, 75 Felici, 77 Doda. Coach: Baldini.

V.ENTELLA: 24 Borra; 3 Barlocco, 7 Dessena (from 87 ‘Lescano), 8 Capello (from 46’ Meazzi), 9 Magrassi (from 63 ‘Morosini), 17 Karic, 19 Chiosa (cap.), 21 Coppolaro (from 87’ Di Cosmo ), 28 Rada (from 80 ‘Palmieri), 33 Merkaj, 36 Sadiki. Available: 22 Siaulys, 6 Alesso, 14 Lipani, 15 Pellizzer, 16 Banfi, 20 Morosini, 26 Silvestre, 27 Palmieri, 31 Di Cosmo, 32 Lescano, 34 Meazzi, 35 Pavic. Coach: Volpe.

Referee: Cascone (Nocera Inferore). Assistants: Salama (Ostia Lido) – Ceolin (Treviso). Fourth Official: May (Lodi).

SCORERS: Merkaj (59 ‘), Karic (70’), Soleri (79 ‘), Fella (83’).

NOTES: Booked: Valente, Coppolaro, Massolo, Chiosa, Sadiki.