Highlights Picerno vs Palermo, 1-0 Serie C.

Highlights Picerno vs Palermo, #Match #begins #PicernoPalermo #SerieC #LegaPro #PICPAL

Highlights Picerno vs Palermo, 1-0 Serie C.

The ROSANERO will play in the field at the “Donato Curcio” stadium to face Picerno on the 16th day of group C of Serie C. The rosanero coach confirms the tried and tested 3-5-2.

Palermo FC 2021/22 Season

FIRST HALF / Highlights Picerno vs Palermo, 1-0 Serie C.

The match begins with the first ball played by the rosanero, who attack from left to right in the white jersey; host instead of in rossoblu shirts. On a few occasions after 10 minutes of play, both teams are studying with the rosanero who begin to raise the pace.

At 21 ‘the first real chance for Palermo: Odjer crosses towards the center from the edge of the penalty area and finds Fella who tries the scissor kick with an excellent athletic gesture but without giving power to the ball.

At 24 ‘comes the lightning of the hosts: vertical ball for the rossoblu which is conquered by Reginaldo; the number 19 of the Lucanians uses his body to fit into the penalty area and, despite Marconi’s marking, manages to kick diagonally beating Pelagotti! Picerno ahead of Curcio.

At 32 ‘a melee starts in midfield, Reginaldo and De Rose do not exchange words of affection, and the match stops for a few moments. The rosanero seem nervous after having conceded the goal of the advantage by Picerno.

Lucani was still dangerous on the counterattack in the last minutes of the game, with Palermo distracted in losing the ball and slow in closing in the defensive phase. Shortly afterward the rosanero try to react and try to shake up the match with suffocating pressing against the opponents and actions built with more clarity.

Odjer at 43 ‘hits the ball with his head all alone in the penalty area on a cross from Valente, but the ball ends up high. At 45 ‘the referee blows his whistle twice without granting extra time, Picerno leading 1-0 with Reginaldo at the end of the first half.

SECOND HALF TIME / Highlights Picerno vs Palermo, 1-0 Serie C.

Teams back on the pitch, in the second half, beat the hosts. The second half of Picerno-Palermo begins. Minute 50, Dall’Oglio looks in the area for Fella who is anticipated by an opposing defender in the header. On the next corner, it was DallOglio himself who came close to scoring with another header.

First changes for Mr. Filippi in the 57th minute: Soleri and Luperini enter in place of Fella and Odjer. After two minutes Bristle tries to make himself dangerous by entering the Rosanero penalty area from the left-handed lane, but his low cross is not touched by anyone and goes out on the bottom.

At 59 ′ Soleri gets a corner kick after kicking from close range. Nothing in fact on the developments of the corner. At 61 ‘first change also for the hosts: Esposito leaves the field and gives way to Vivacqua. At 66 ′ Filippi replaces Dall’Oglio with Silipo.

At 75 ‘Pitarresi tries a volley on his partner’s cross, but the conclusion is imprecise and ends up high. At 77 ′ Reginaldo leaves the field exhausted, Guerra enters his place. In the 82nd minute, Soleri tries his head against Viscovo, the referee whistles the foul on offense. At 86 ‘, Floriano enters in place of Almici.

Immediately after a free-kick opportunity for the rosanero who do not take advantage of Silipo’s cross. Another substitution for the hosts, Mr. Colucci sends Carrà on the field in place of Gerardi in the 89th minute. The fourth official raises the luminous scoreboard, there will be five minutes of added time. At 91 ′ Brunori tries the conclusion from outside the area, shot easily saved by Viscovo.

At 92 ′ insertion of Soleri who between one rebound and the other tries to become dangerous, but the Picerno goalkeeper blocks the ball. A minute later Marconi was sent off for a double yellow card for a dubious clash with Vivacqua. At the end of the injury time, the referee whistles three times. Picerno-Palermo ends 1-0.

VIDEO / Highlights Picerno vs Palermo, 1-0 Serie C.

TABLE / Highlights Picerno vs Palermo, 1-0 Serie C.

PICERNO: 22 Viscovo, 2 Finizio, 5 Pitarresi, 8 De Cristofaro, 11 Esposito (cap .; from 61 ‘Vivacqua), 14 Dettori, 17 Gerardi (from 89’ Carrà), 18 Garcia Rodriguez, 19 Reginaldo (from 77 ‘ Guerra), 28 De Franco, 99 Bristle. Available: 1 Albertazzi, 3 Vanacore, 9 Vivacqua, 12 Summa, 13 Alcides Dias, 24 Stasi, 25 Guerra, 29 Terranova, 39 Coratella, 69 Carrà, 75 Viviani, 77 De Marco.
Coach: Colucci.

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 25 Buttaro, 15 Marconi, 33 Perrotta; 29 Almici, 11 Dall’Oglio (from 66 ‘Silipo), 20 De Rose (chap.), 19 Odjer (from 57’ Luperini), 30 Valente; 23 Fella (from 57 ′ Soleri), 9 Brunori. Available: 12 Massolo, 3 Giron, 4 Accardi, 6 Crivello, 7 Floriano, 10 Silipo, 17 Luperini, 27 Soleri, 54 Peretti, 77 Doda.
Coach: Filippi.

Referee: Bitonti (Bologna). Assistants: Bocca (Caserta) – Montagnani (Bolzano). Fourth official: Pascarella (Nocera Inferiore).

SCORERS: Reginaldo (24 ‘).

NOTES: Booked: De Cristofaro, Gerardi, Brunori, Dettori. Expelled: Marconi (double yellow card).

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