Highlights Taranto vs Palermo, 1st defeat of the season

Highlights Taranto vs Palermo, 1st defeat of the season

Highlights Taranto vs Palermo 3-1, 1st defeat of the season

First defeat of the Palermo of Giacomo Filippi. At the Iacovone stadium in Taranto, the rosanero – ten men in the last quarter of an hour – lost 3 – 1 against the Apulians playing a decidedly subdued game, from the first to the last minute. The Sicilians suffer from the pressure of Laterza’s team, are very good at preparing the match, and are unable to take the measures to worry their opponents.

Taranto vs Palermo, 1st defeat of the season for the rosanero, the pictures…

FIRST HALF Taranto vs Palermo, 1st defeat of the season for the rosanero!

Teams on the pitch, the rosanero will attack from right to left. The first ball is entrusted to the Sicilians, the referee blows his whistle to start the match. The first shot on goal is from the hosts, the conclusion is saved without difficulty by Pelagotti. The first minutes of play is characterized by a lot of competition and the usual study phases for both teams. AT MINUTE NUMBER 11 ARRIVES THE ADVANTAGE OF TARANTO!

Corner kick for the hosts with the ball impacted by the head of the former rosanero Andrea Saraniti who puts the Apulians ahead. Accomplice a decisive deviation of Lancini that deceives Pelagotti. The rosanero is still a little shaken by the goal conceded and Taranto takes advantage of it: Giovinco’s dangerous counterattack is landed on the edge of the penalty area, yellow for Lancini. On the development of the free-kick, Giovinco himself hits the crossbar, drawing an almost perfect arc to beat Pelagotti. At 21 ‘the rosanero try to make themselves dangerous by setting up a good offensive action.

De Rose’s cross is headed by Soleri, but Chiorra blocks the ball easily as the shot is quite weak. Big risk at 24 ‘for Doda who does not hold the ball as the last man and almost allows Taranto to go face to face with Pelagotti; Fortunately for the rosanero, De Rose recovers the ball and gets a foul. The hosts are still dangerous thanks to the outsiders who aim at the opposing defenders a lot.

Filippi’s team, in the last minutes of the first half, tries to be less hasty and tries to set the offensive actions with more order. At 42 ′ important opportunity for Palermo: Giron arrives at the well-balanced cross hit by Soleri who just touches the crossbar, ball out. The first half ends on a partial score of 1-0 and no injury time. For now, the ex of the day Andrea Saraniti decides.

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SECOND HALF Taranto vs Palermo, 1st defeat of the season for the rosanero!

The two teams return to the pitch, in the second half they beat Taranto. It starts again from 1-0 in the first half signed by Saraniti. We got off to a strong start in the last 45 minutes, with both teams very determined on all the balls played, with frontal changes on one side and the other with very high intensity. The first substitutions arrive for Giacomo Filippi: Giron and Floriano leave the place, at 53 ‘, to Valente and Dall’Oglio.

THE TARANTO DOUBLE AT 57 ‘! Still, on a corner kick, the Apulians take advantage of a free-kick and the lack of careful defense of the rosanero: Benassai fits in well and finds the winning “paw” which is worth 2-0 for the hosts. AT 62 ‘PALERMO REOPENS THE GAME! Almici recovers the ball in the right lane and after entering the penalty area, from a tight angle, kicks directly into the goal by beating Chiorra. A minute later, more substitutions arrive. Mister Laterza replaces Versienti with Ghisleni; the Rosanero coach Filippi sent Silipo to the pitch instead of captain De Rose.

The number 10 of the rosanero immediately tries to invent for Soleri, but the last man of the Apulian who blocks the ball comes out well. Double substitution for the hosts in the 72nd minute. Saraniti and Labriola leave the field, giving way to Italeng and Diaby. Filippi also makes another chance to give him an ultra offensive attitude, Fella enters, and Doda exits. At 73 ‘free-kick at the edge of the area for Palermo obtained and beaten by Silipo: ball aimed at the goal but the ball ends up in Chiorra’s hands.

At minute 78 critical situation of the match, a double yellow card for Edoardo Lancini who was sent off. In the 87th minute, Ghisleni finished towards Pelagotti’s goal, but the shot was weak. The teams are very tired in the final minutes of the match and have stretched accordingly. Last two changes for Taranto, Ghisleni and Giovinco leave for Civilleri and Santarpia. AT 90 ‘THE DIABY CHALLENGE CLOSES! The number 8 of Taranto pierces the opponent’s defense and beats Pelagotti exulting under his own curve. After three minutes of injury time, the referee blows his whistle three times sending everyone to the locker room. Taranto-Palermo ends 3-1.

Highlights Video of Taranto vs Palermo 3-1, 1st defeat of the season

TABLE of Taranto vs Palermo, 1st defeat of the season for the rosanero!

TARANTO: 22 Chiorra, 3 Ferrara, 4 Marsili (cap.), 5 Zullo, 6 Riccardi, 9 Saraniti (from 71 ′ Italeng), 14 Belloco, 20 Labriola (from 71 ′ Diaby), 23 Benassai, 27 Versienti (from 63 ′ Ghisleni), 32 Giovinco (from 89 ‘Santarpia). Available: 1 Loliva, 12 Antonino, 2 Tomassini, 8 Diaby, 11 Santarpia, 15 Pacilli, 17 Granata, 24 Ghisleni (from 89 ‘Civilleri), 28 Civilleri, 88 Cannavaro, 90 Italeng, 97 De Maria.

Coach: Laterza.

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 77 Doda (from 71 ‘Fella), 79 Lancini, 33 Perrotta; 29 Almici, 20 De Rose (cap .; from 63 ‘Silipo), 17 Luperini, 3 Giron (from 53’ Valente); 7 Floriano (from 53 ‘Dall’Oglio); 27 Soleri, 9 Brunori. Available: 12 Massolo, 5 Marong, 10 Silipo, 11 Dall’Oglio, 15 Marconi, 19 Odjer, 23 Fella, 30 Valente, 31 Corona.

Coach: Filippi.

REFEREE: Ricci (Florence). ASSISTANTS: Texts (Livorno) – Lencioni (Lucca). IV MAN: Longo (Paola).

SCORERS: Saraniti (11 ‘), Benassai (57’), Almici (62 ‘).

NOTES: Ammonites Perrotta, Riccardi, Benassai, Silipo. Lancini sent off (double yellow card).

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