Modena Palermo, Highlights 11th Serie BKT 22/23

Modena Palermo, Highlights 11th Serie BKT 22/23

Modena Palermo, Highlights 11th Serie BKT 22/23

Modena Palermo: At the “Braglia” in Modena to find the first joy outside the friendly walls of Barbera. After two consecutive home games, Palermo returns to play away against Tesser’s canaries for the eleventh match day of Serie B

First HalfTime / Modena Palermo, Highlights 11th Serie BKT 22/23

Kick-off scheduled for 14:00. The teams enter the field, hosts in yellow jersey and blue shorts, while Palermo plays in the away suit in black jersey and white shorts. First ball of the match entrusted to the hosts who attack from right to left. Referee Fourneau whistles the start of hostilities: Modena-Palermo begins.

At 6 ′ immediately a penalty kick for Palermo: Valente’s cross from the right and Di Mariano is spread out in the area by Magnino who is also cautioned. Brunori appears on the disk and is not wrong! Palermo scored in the eighth minute and the rosanero striker’s dedication to Elia, who was forced to a long stop due to injury.

At minute fourteen Devetaks’ bad out-of-time intervention on Magnino at midfield height, and he too was sanctioned with a yellow card, the first in the rosanero ranks. After the advantage of the squads, the central phase of the first half is characterized by a substantial balance, especially in the middle of the field, with the two teams trying to defend compactly to restart.

At 25 ‘attempt for Brunori who concentrates from the edge of the area and tries the conclusion with the left, the rosanero attacker’s shot is weak and Gagno blocks without problems. A minute later a very occasional one for Modena to equal: Tremolada’s cross from the right for Azzi’s head alone right in front of Pigliacelli, but the rosanero goalkeeper overcame himself with a feline intervention. He pushes Modena and in the thirty-first minute he shows up again in the Pigliacelli side with a header from Falcinelli in the area, the Palermo goalkeeper blocks without problems.

Modena is better in this phase of the match, with lots of possession and potentially dangerous gusts against a Palermo that tries to defend itself with order and to restart quickly on the counterattack. At 40 ′ even the squads try to look forward with Di Mariano who recovers the ball in midfield and escapes towards the trocar, a conclusion from the treacherous distance of the number ten rosanero who is not surprising, however, Gagno who blocks without problems.

A minute later Modena’s counterattack with the ball reaching Tremolada on the right, the Gialloblù player focuses and ends towards the goal but Pigliacelli responds still present by blocking a ball that is not very easy. In the 44th minute the close duel between Falcinelli and Pigliacelli continues: conclusion of the Modena striker near the small area and the far defender stretches out sending for a corner.

At 47 ′ doubling of Palermo! Splendid action by the squads with Di Mariano serving Valente from the trocar on the right, the rosanero winger escapes everyone and bags at the near post by beating Gagno for the 2-0 rosanero that closes the first half of the match.

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Second HalfTime / Modena Palermo, Highlights 11th Serie BKT 22/23

The teams make their entry into the field again for the resumption of hostilities. A change at half-time for both teams: in the ranks of Palermo Crivello he takes the place of Devetak in the left lane, for Modena outside Magnino inside Duca. Referee Fourneau blows his whistle to start the second half with the ball beaten by Palermo.

At 52 ‘good percussion by Gomes who resists the opponent’s interventions and tries the filter for Brunori, the ball is good but the rosanero striker is anticipated in the area by Gagno. Second admonition of the match for Modena, Azzi sanctioned for dangerous play on Di Mariano. At 59 ′ Modena, very dangerous and still a great save by a super Pigliacelli: this time Diaw tries with a nice shot from the edge of the area but the rosanero goalkeeper overtakes himself by sending the ball to the corner with his recall hand.

At 65 ‘double change for Modena with Marsura and Panada taking the place of Diaw and Armellino. In the meantime, problems with cramps for Valente who is forced to leave the field temporarily, leaving the squads in ten. In a moment of pressure from Modena trying to shorten the distance in a somewhat confused and poorly reasoned way, Palermo managed to resist and try to start again on the counterattack. In the seventy-minute double change for Palermo: outside Di Mariano and Segre, inside Floriano and Saric, but there are still ten men in the squad because the replacement of Valente has not yet been granted.

Change that arrives at 72 ‘with the former Carrarese replaced by Bettella. Double change at 75 ‘also for Modena with Mosti and Giovannini who take the place of Gerli and Tremolada. At eighty-one minute, cramps also for Gomez, rescued by his teammates and also forced to change after giving everything, leaving room for Stulac. Yellow card, at 83 ‘, for Pergreffi who intervenes in a foul way on Saric at the height of the rosanero trocar. At the end of the match, with possession of the ball in the hands of Modena, Tesser’s team fails to make themselves dangerous thanks to an attentive and punctual rearguard from Palermo.

VIDEO / Modena Palermo, Highlights 11th Serie BKT 22/23

The table / Modena Palermo, Highlights 11th Serie BKT 22/23

MODENA: 26 Gagno, 4 Pergreffi (cap.), 6 Magnino (45 ‘s.t. Duca), 10 Tremolada (75’ Giovannini), 11 Falcinelli, 15 Silvestri, 16 Gerli (75 ‘Mosti), 21 Armellino (65’ Panada) , 27 Azzi, 96 Oukhadda, 99 Diaw (65 ‘Marsura). Available: 12 Seculin, 3 Ponsi, 5 Cittadini, 7 Duca, 8 Mosti, 17 Marsura, 19 Giovannini, 24 Poli, 28 De Maio, 33 Renzetti, 43 Panada, 57 Coppolaro. Coach: Tesser.

PALERMO: 22 Pigliacelli, 5 Gomes (81 ‘Stulac), 8 Segre (70’ Saric), 9 Brunori (Cap.), 10 Di Mariano (70 ‘Floriano), 14 Broh, 15 Marconi, 18 Nedelcearu, 30 Valente (72 ′ Bettella), 34 Devetak (45 ′ s.t. Crivello), 37 Mateju. Available: 1 Grotta, 12 Massolo, 4 Accardi, 6 Crivello, 7 Floriano, 16 Stulac, 19 Vido, 21 Damiani, 27 Soleri, 28 Saric, 48 Bettella, 79 Lancini. Coach: Corini.

REFEREE: Fournau (Roma 1). Assistants: Pagliardini (Arezzo) – Cavallina (Parma). Fourth Official: Luongo (Naples). VAR: Feller (Molfetta). R.VAR: Of the Judges (Latina).

SCORERS: 8 ‘rig. Brunori, 47 ′ p.t. Valente

NOTES: Booked: Magnino, Devetak, Azzi, Pergreffi.