Palermo Frosinone | Highlights 25th Serie B 22/23

Palermo Frosinone | Highlights 25th Serie B 22/23

Palermo Frosinone | Highlights 25th Serie B 22/23

Palermo Frosinone 18/02/2023: Corini’s rosanero play at home again at the “Renzo Barbera” stadium for the match against Frosinone valid for the 25th day of the Serie B championship.

First Halftime | Palermo Frosinone | Highlights 25th Serie B 22/23

The match of the “Barbera” begins. In the first moments of the match, Frosinone waited for the squad’s mistake to try to sting on the counterattack, in fact in the 4th minute Rohden tried from the edge of the penalty area, but the ball went wide.

Palermo responds after a couple of minutes with an exchange between Tutino and Verre, with the latter finding the perfect cut for Brunori who stops the ball and kicks by touching the post.

After a fast start, around the 15th minute the two teams start studying each other to find the decisive gap.

Halfway through the first half, Palermo continues to control the ball-and-chain game, with the Ciociari waiting for the squad and defending themselves by closing the gaps.

In the 32nd minute Valente frees himself well from the marking of two opponents and crosses towards the guests’ penalty area where Tutino tries the scissor kick without hitting the ball well.

Palermo took the lead in the 38th minute!

It was the Rosanero’s Eurogol with Verre kicking a loose ball in midfield and beating Turati who was out of goal.

All the “Renzo Barbera” standing up for a high caliber technical gesture, it’s 1-0 for the hosts!

In the 45th minute, the fourth official shows the scoreboard, it will only be one minute of added time.

After the turn of the clock, the match director blows his whistle twice and sends everyone to the locker room.

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Second HalfTime | Palermo Frosinone | Highlights 25th Serie B 22/23

The teams return to the pitch, beat Frosinone in the second half and start the match again. Grosso’s team tries to react with a shot from Boloca that is well rejected by Pigliacelli.

In the 58th minute, double substitution for Palermo, Saric and Tutino leave the pitch and Broh and Di Mariano enter.

After a few seconds, Insigne fits well into the rosanero area and tries a shot from a tight angle, the ball goes out. In the 61st minute, Nedelcearu is forced to leave the field due to a physical problem, Buttaro enters.

Immediately afterward, also mister Grosso was the time for substitutions: Insigne, Mazzitelli and Moro were replaced by Baez, Garritano and Mulattieri.

In the 75th minute Frosinone scores the equalizer! Rohden takes a free kick blocked by the barrier, Boloca arrives at the rebuttal and kicks on the fly and finds the right angle to beat Pigliacelli.

Palermo tries to respond immediately with an incursion into Marconi’s area on the development of a corner kick, but his header ends high.

In the 79th minute, Grosso puts Kone in charge in place of Caso; Corini replies, replacing Valente with Soleri. After five minutes, Borrelli enters the field for the guests and Rohden comes out.

A few moments before the end of the match, Frosinone recriminated a penalty kick, which the match director decidedly didn’t take.

Almost in the 90th minute, the teams feel tired and with their last strength they try to score. The recovery minutes will be five.

After the extra time, the match director whistles three times, there is no more time! Palermo-Frosinone ends 1-1.

VIDEO | Palermo Frosinone | Highlights 25th Serie B 22/23

Table | Palermo Frosinone | Highlights 25th Serie B 22/23

PALERMO: 22 Pigliacelli, 2 Jensen, 3 Sala, 5 Gomes, 7 Tutino (from 58′ Di Mariano), 9 Brunori (cap.), 15 Marconi, 18 Nedelcearu (from 61′ Buttaro), 26 Verre, 28 Saric (from 58′ Saric), 30 Valente (from 79′ Soleri). Available: 1 Grotta, 12 Massolo, 4 Orihuela, 10 Di Mariano, 11 Masciangelo, 14 Broh, 19 Vido, 21 Damiani, 25 Buttaro, 27 Soleri, 31 Aurelio, 79 Lancini. Coach: Corini.

FROSINONE: 22 Turati, 7 Rohden (from 84′ Borrelli), 10 Caso (from 79′ Kone), 11 Boloca, 20 Ravanelli, 24 Moro (from 62′ Mulattieri), 25 Szyminski, 31 Sampirisi, 36 Mazzitelli (from 62 ′ Garritano), 94 Insigne (from 62′ Baez), 99 Frabotta. Available: 1 Loria, 2 Oyono, 4 Kone, 9 Mulattieri, 14 Gelli, 16 Garritano, 23 Kalaj, 29 Cotali, 30 Monterisi, 32 Baez, 41 Oliveri, 90 Borrelli. Coach: Grosso.

Referee: Ghersini (Genoa). Assistants: Rossi (Biella) – Garzelli (Livorno). Fourth Officer: Giordano (Novara). VAR: Valeri (Roma2). AVAR: Peretti (Verona).

SCORERS: Verre (38′), Boloca (75′).

NOTES: Booked: Mazzitelli, Case.