Sudtirol Palermo, Corini Conference, 26th Serie B

Sudtirol Palermo, Corini Conference, 26th Serie B

Sudtirol Palermo, Corini Conference, 26th Serie B

Sudtirol Palermo 24/02/2023: The Palermo coach intervenes in the press conference and explores the issues related to the difficult opponent…

Valente? It’s better not to risk it, he has muscle fatigue, he can be available with Ternana. This morning Verre had this feverish state, he can’t leave with us.

It’s a shame, but it’s part of normal things, the squad is structured in the right way to face the match. From a tactical point of view, nothing changes, but the absent players have different characteristics.

Even with so many absentees, we played important matches. Graves? He is a player who has quality and has widened the starting field in defense, he has also proved to be very flexible.

It is true that there are hierarchies, but the players must have the stimulus in training that creates internal competition.

Nedelcearu? We were worried, but the exams have averted more serious problems. He is very strong from a muscular point of view, he is fully recovered.

Marconi had an ankle sprain, we took one more day of caution, we also managed with a view to Ternana.

We need to think in view of the other close matches. Di Mariano and Tutino from the beginning? It’s a concrete hypothesis, it could be the right match for them.

South Tyrol has important qualities, daughters of a path and an idea that comes from afar, from Serie C.

Bisoli is doing very well; the team has particular characteristics, and they are good on dead balls. I think the race could be similar to the first leg, where we could have brought home a different result.

If we had been full, I would have managed more. With the fact that Valente and Verre are out, I almost have the obligatory choices, we must always be active and think strategically.

The squad is ready and adequate, we have created identities and stimuli. Everyone is needed and many can take the field; we also fully recovered Vido and Masciangelo.

The formation you will see on the pitch will be the most correct, in my opinion, to beat Südtirol.

Pigliacelli’s mistake in the first leg? I try not to go back to it, let’s work on the opponents.

We were also unlucky in that match, even though we didn’t play at great pace. I want to think again about the formation, I have doubts about the central defender and the midfielder instead of Verre; in attack

I have already decided, the idea is very precise. All winning teams have a strong mentality, regardless of winning games.

A player should never feel alone on the pitch. The path we are following has created identities and expectations, now we must maintain them.

Next week, with the matches close together, is an important moment for our team. Südtirol also plays with a 4-3-3, and they often defend with nine men, they have great intensity, it’s difficult to break them.

We know what game we have to play.

Di Mariano can play in several positions. He can do well on the right, and in this way we have variability together with the other two forwards.

After Genoa, we understood certain things, we are trying to raise the level to aspire to something more. With Südtirol we can show who we want to be.

Di Mariano and Tutino can give us superiority in one against one.

The lack of Valente and Verre takes away something from this point of view; we are missing two players who could help us, but we worked to find the right solutions.

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Probable Formations of Sudtirol Palermo, Corini Conference, 26th Serie B

SUDTIROL (4-4-2): Poluzzi; De Col, Zaro, Vinetot, Celli; Tait, Belardinelli, Fiordilino, Carretta; Rover, Odogwu.

Unavailable: Mazzocchi, Casiraghi, Davi

Suspended: Lunette

PALERMO (4-3-3): Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Graves (Marconi), Sala; Segre (Damiani), Gomes, Saric; Di Mariano, Brunori, Tutino.

Unavailable: Elia, Stulac, Bettella, Valente, Verre

Disqualified: /