Palermo Modena, Corini Conference, 30th Serie B

Palermo Modena, Corini Conference, 30th Serie B

Palermo Modena, Corini Conference, 30th Serie B

Palermo Modena 16/03/2023: The match against Modena becomes fundamental because it closes a cycle. These are the words of E.

Corini in the press conference on the next match at the Barbera.

Certainly there is always an overall assessment to be made, some aches and pains are physiological at this time of the season.

From the point of view of the structures, we have some difficulties, and we are trying to remedy. Modena also has 5-6 injured players.

Matteo? The first injury of this year. He hurt himself with a crazy athletic gesture. Bettella felt tired.

Orihuela fortunately has no injuries and will not be available in Girona, but will be available again.

Sala can’t play, but it’s the classic hit situation. Ivan had an ankle problem and Di Mariano an inflammation in his knee, even today he won’t finish, and we will try to recover it.

Broh is better, and we’re going to get him.

Unfortunately, we are sorry, but we have to grit our teeth. We are taped.

Winning against Modena would give us an excellent ranking and the right spirit. Those who are ready to take the field want to give everything, and we feel the push of the many fans.

I often hear about formations, but we need to see the characteristics of the players.

We had consolidated a very good defensive phase, now we are evolving by offering offensive play.

A growth path: performance is important, but the comma is missing. In the last seven games, we could have won at least a couple of times.

We are in line with the teams in the playoff area. We are creating the conditions by changing many things.

Now I too push on communication, just to understand the response of my players.

I made the kids recognize that we have moments of maturation, and we have to develop them.

Each of us must put a piece of attention: we work on it every day.

We have reflected with the team, and we want to play a certain type of football, but defensive attention is needed.

But as a counterbalance I like that in the moment of maximum stress the team manages to stay on the pitch.

The consolidation of the victory is missing, unfortunately the adversaries arrive in our area little, but they are dangerous. We have to change.

There is no doubt that tomorrow’s match is important. Closes a cycle.

The opponent is of quality and has outstanding offensive characteristics. We have a lack of players and difficulties, but in these moments the teams have to prove something.

Tomorrow is important to understand if we can aim for something different. We will try until the end to win. Tutino is growing up.

I see him motivated and something important happens when he takes the ball. We want it more incisive, and we are working on it.

Vido has grown in recent weeks, and I’m seeing him well, growing and motivated

An important concept is the ability to know how to dribble, the team does it well. Things that kids are starting to recognize and that will consolidate.

I stimulate certain situations, and it shows that the team recognizes certain habits and plays. Of course, you can always do better.

I think Samuel has grown a lot. Today, by favoring certain form situations, Gomes helps me to press the 1 against 1.

As a general balance, I prefer two midfielders who are present in the defensive phase. When Damiani comes in, however, he always shows signs of improvement.

Sixty points are a lot in my opinion. I think the playoff threshold will be something less, but it will depend on some direct clashes.

I’m not superstitious, but I have my rituals: we’ll make it a beautiful Friday the 17th

The withdrawal is my request. The results may not have arrived immediately, but we try to build with a broader vision.

For me, it is an important moment. Modena certifies the period and I want to get to the last 8 with a dream in my heart.

They don’t agree with me on the two match days of disqualification. I just defended one of my players.

I told the opposing coach not to scold my players, and I didn’t say anything to the fourth official or the referee.

Furthermore, I take responsibility for having left the technical area. I didn’t deserve expulsion, it seems unfair to me.

The company is close to me, we also have television images. We will file an appeal, which I hope will allow me to be in Parma.

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

Probable Formation of Palermo Modena, Corini Conference, 30th Serie B

PALERMO (3-5-2): Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Graves; Valens, Saric, Gomes, Verres, Aurelius; Tutino, Soleri.

Unavailable: Elia, Stulac, Marconi, Brunori, Bettella, Sala, Orihuela

Disqualified: /

MODENA (4-3-2-1): Gagno; Oukhadda, Silvestri, Pergreffi, Ponsi; Magnino, Gerli, Armellino; Tremolada, Falcinelli; Wringer.

Unavailable: Poli, Battistella, Ferrarini, Ionita, Citizens, Diaw

Disqualified: /