Highlights Palermo vs Teramo 2-0, playoffs Serie C

first-round playoffs Serie C

Highlights Palermo vs Teramo 2-0, first-round of the playoffs Serie C

FIRST HALF – playoffs Serie C

The first ball of the match is managed by the guests, who will attack from right to left and take the field with the usual red and white striped shirt, red shorts, and socks; the hosts, on the other hand, in a pink shirt, shorts and black socks. In these first minutes of the match, Palermo is a bit cautious. At 4 ′ Floriano serves Valente wide on the right out and with the ball and chain heads towards the penalty area of ​​Teramo, then crosses for Kanoute who does not control well. At 6 ′ dangerous entry of Santoro who was trying to recover the ball but hits Rauti who remains down, but gets up without problems.

Penalty for Palermo at 7 ‘. Kanoute crosses for Valente who shoots and hits the number 18 Lasik, who is also booked. Floriano takes charge of the joke and goes safely to the spot. The former Bari unlocked the match by kicking a central penalty and Lewandowski who had thrown himself to his left. Change in Palermo that has to remove from the dispute Rauti, who comes out limping, in place of him Saraniti.

The red and white now have to look for the reaction and overturn the match, but Palermo leaves little space. At 20 ‘excellent exit of Teramo, all played before, with Birligea arriving in the area, but is closed by Lancini who does not blow himself up. Luperini, in the 22nd minute, touches the former Santoro in a foul way, who wins a free-kick, on the developments of the same it is Marconi who hits with his head and drives away. Opportunity for the Sicilians at 23 ‘; Kanoute, after a wrong exit from Teramo, Floriano fish who starts in speed, the winger arrives in the area and could kick, but I missed the control and moved the ball to the winger.

Second warning of the match at 29 ‘. Lancini tries to anticipate Birligea who had badly controlled the ball, but the attacker hits the defender and is booked. At 32 ‘Bombagi recovers the ball on the right out jumps Lancini and arrives on the short side of the area, crosses, but De Rose sweeps in the corner. At 40 ‘corner for the hosts, Floriano takes charge of the services and Marconi arrives on the ball who cannot turn around well.

At 44 ′ Palermo doubles with Luperini. The midfielder picked up Saraniti’s perfect assist and from inside the area, the former Trapani scored the 2-0 overhead goal. After 2 minutes of recovery, the first portion of the game ends with the result of 2-0 for Palermo.

Photogallery Palermo vs Teramo, first-round playoffs Serie C

first-round playoffs Serie C
first-round playoffs Serie C

SECOND HALF – playoffs Serie C

The challenge resumes with no substitutions on either side. After 20 seconds the guests earn a free-kick, which kicks Bombagi but Pelagotti is attentive and blocks the ball without problems. At 4 ′ of the send half time the Teramo starts on the counterattack, Bombii almost reaches the edge of the area, with Pelagotti who is attentive and rejects for a corner. At 54 ‘first change in Teramo sends Kyeremateng to Birligea.

The red and white try to react with Costa Ferreira, who tries with a shot from outside, but Pelagotti is careful and takes the chestnuts off the fire. Teramo is still dangerous, cross in the center, ball spiked for Ilari who hits his head from two steps, and once again Pelagotti is attentive, but the number 20 at the time of the header was offside.

The pace of the match is now very low, Palermo tries to save energy in view of the second round on Wednesday and Teramo seems to no longer believe it. At 31 ‘another intervention by Pelagotti, who flies on a shot from outside Santoro. The guests are still dangerous in the 32nd minute, a long ball for Bombagi, spiked by Lancini but who favors the attacker who kicks at the goal from a tight angle and the ball crosses the entire penalty area.

Now it is the hosts who prove something. Silipo in the 38th minute receives the ball on the right out, focuses, and is put down. The former Roma player appears on the sphere but hits the barrier. Another important save by Pelagotti who, in the 43rd minute, is good at rejecting a low shot from Costa Ferreira’s area.

Palermo wins the 2-0 victory against Teramo. The goals all arrive in the first half with Floriano at 7 ‘and Luperini at 44’. Now the rosanero will have to think about Wednesday’s match which will be just as demanding.

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 4 Accardi (C.), 13 Lancini, 15 Marconi; 2 Doda (from 66 ‘Marong), 27 Luperini, 18 De Rose, 14 Valente; 20 Kanoute (from 66 ‘Silipo), 7 Floriano (from 55’ Santana); 23 Rauti (from 10 ‘Saraniti). Available: 25 Faraone, 3 Corrado, 8 Martin, 16 Peretti, 17 Lucca, 21 Broh, 26 Marong. Coach: Filippi.

TERAMO: 22 Lewandowski; 18 Lasik (from 91 ′ Gerbi =, 26 Piacentini, 5 Soprano, 3 Tentardini; 20 Ilari (from 74 ′ Cappa), 6 Arrigoni, 21 Santoro, 8 Costa Ferreira; 25 Birligea (from 54 ′ Kyeremateng), 10 Bombagi. A available: 1 Valentini, 4 Trasciani, 7 Mungo, 11 Pinzauti, 17 Di Francesco, 19 Bellucci, Lombardi 35. Coach: Paci.

REFEREE: Nicolò Marini (Terenzo-Politi). FOURTH MAN: Enrico Maggio (Lodi).

NOTES: Lasik, Birligea, Costa Ferreira, Bombagi (T), Luperini (P) booked

SCORERS: Floriano 9 ′, Luperini 44 ′

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