Palermo vs Südtirol the Corini Press Conference – 7th Day Serie BKT

Palermo vs Südtirol the Corini Press Conference - 7th Day Serie BKT

Text & Video of Palermo vs Südtirol the Corini Press Conference – 7th Day Serie BKT

Palermo vs Südtirol: Eugenio Corini, speaks at a press conference on the eve of the match that marks the resumption of the Serie B championship

Palermo vs Südtirol the Corini Press Conference – 7th Day Serie BKT

What pitfalls do I see? The approach must always be to consider every moment as something important. Sudtirol had some initial difficulties, but now Bisoli has arrived and they have scored 7 points. He is an experienced coach who has been able to make the most of the squad available. We will face the opponent with humility and respect, but aware that we have the qualities to win.

Are you forced to win? I don’t want to overload it too much. In these first 6 games, we laid the foundations, the search for the soul, which makes the difference. We have made a lot of progress and we can beat Sudtirol: but you need the humility to read certain games and you need to be mentally solid to defend, attack, and restart. The finalization? Certainly, we have to improve, but we must not be afraid of making mistakes. We have an aptitude for scoring goals even from outside the box. And in general with many players.

The next 4 games? I would focus on this first of all. I want to review the indications seen against Nottingham Forest. Attacking midfielder? It is included in our system, but we have many solutions including the ‘2-1’ attack. The absence of Bettella? Sorry for Davide, but we would have forced the times to use him in finishing. I think it will be re-aggregated on Monday. Apart from Bettella, I think we are in good condition to face the match. And for this, applause must be made to the medical staff. The fans? Obviously, they want to see a team win, but they are also smart to understand the team’s commitment. He has already largely shown great maturity and will support us during the match.

Manchester? I have seen great growth among them. I saw the anger over Frosinone’s defeat. And I saw great application in training, the team flew on the pitch, and they had a lot of desire. These have been training sessions that will be useful to put these things back on the pitch tomorrow as well. The nationals? They are fine: Nedelcearu had a linear path, a typical week, and I found him fresh and ready. Saric made his debut in the national team, he needed it, even if he was tired from the transfers: I admit I had some more reflections on him. Damiani? He is a great asset for Palermo.

Broh? On him, I repeat the congratulations to the staff: his recovery seemed to take time, but he recovered earlier. But then it must be said that for me they are all owners: for me, the owner is also those who play 20 minutes, with the 5 changes everyone is important to keep the team’s level high. How did I see the boys? There is a great desire to do after the defeat in Frosinone, I have seen improvements in many things and now I want to see them again on the pitch.

Sala or Mateju? After Reggio Calabria the team has consolidated and I want to give some logic to certain choices. The guys already know my choice obviously, I don’t tell you (laughs, ed.). Manchester was an experience for everyone and gave us the perception that City Group holds in Palermo. These are very important signs. For me, it was a wonderful experience to have so much available. In my opinion we have exploited it in the best way. Gomes? He is a very intelligent boy, he knows how to stay well on the pitch and helps those around him.

Risk of a closed match against Sudtirol? They work 4-4-2 very compact, with tips that work even in the non-possession phase. And in defense, they also have an expert central like Masiello. It is an annoying team that has found enthusiasm. A solid team that knows how to do badly in counterattack. Balance and effectiveness will be needed.

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Probable formations of Palermo vs Südtirol the Corini Press Conference – 7th Day Serie BKT

PALERMO (4-3-3): Pigliacelli; Buttaro, Nedelcearu, Marconi, Mateju; Segre, Stulac, Saric; Elia, Brunori, Di Mariano.

Unavailable: Bettella, Accardi – Not called: Crivello, Peretti, Doda

Disqualified: /

SÜDTIROL (4-4-2): Poluzzi; Berra, Zaro, Masiello, D’Orazio; De Col, Crociata, Tait, Rover; Mazzocchi, Odogwu.

Unavailable: Nicolussi Caviglia, Sprocati, Siega, Vinetot, Voltan, Marconi, Belardinelli

Disqualified: /