This 2021 Tony di Piazza quit but still thinking Palermo

Tony di Piazza quit but still thinks Palermo

Tony di Piazza quit but still thinks Palermo

Even after the decision of the Court of Catania, Tony di Piazza still connected to the Palermo.

Palermo, Tony Di Piazza’s Italplaza appeal rejected

The Court of Catania, with a provision of 15 December 2021, completely rejected the appeal of Italplaza Sports LLC, accepting the defenses prepared by the law firms Mazzarella and Cadelo of Palermo and Franchina of Catania. Tony Di Piazza’s company had requested the conservation seizure of the assets of Hera Hora s.r.l., the holding company that holds the participation of the Palermo Football Club company, as a guarantee for an alleged credit resulting from its withdrawal.

The very “existence” of the “right to a sum of money equal to the value of the share” – the Court affirmed – must be ascertained in a possible judgment on the merits, together with the legitimacy of the withdrawal and the “responsibility of Italplaza itself for the violation »Of the commitments undertaken on the basis of the« business plan »and« three-year plan »agreed« in view of the awarding of the sports title of the football team of the city of Palermo ». The decision clears the field of specious allegations, thus allowing to complete the negotiations that the property has been conducting responsibly for months for the entry of new capital into Palermo.

Negotiations that, it is worth remembering, have been underway for some time, despite some misleading reconstructions, only with serious investors capable of giving the city and the fans the joys they deserve.

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

Message to Former Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini

The message that Tony Di Piazza dedicated to the former president of Palermo in the hope of a speedy recovery Mr. Maurizio Zamparini is experiencing an eventful Christmas.
The Friulian entrepreneur underwent an emergency operation on the abdomen and after the initial concern, he seems to be recovering, with positive signs that are once again testifying the strength and personality of the former patron of Venice.

Tony di Piazza quit but still thinks Palermo
Tony di Piazza quit but still thinks Palermo

Di Piazza to Baldini: “Welcome and good luck”

The Italian-American, who remained very attached to the pink club despite the vicissitudes off the pitch, was keen to send a public message to the new rosanero coach.

“Welcome and good luck to the new coach Silvio Baldini”. A few but simple words from Di Piazza, who a few days ago received the negative outcome of his request for the attachment of the movable and immovable property of Hera Hora.

Tony di Piazza quit but still thinks Palermo
Tony di Piazza quit but still thinks Palermo

“Heartfelt thanks to all the Palermo fans”

Tony Di Piazza greets the Palermo fans. The American dedicated a Facebook post to the pink fans on the occasion of the end of his relationship with the rosanero club. In fact, starting today, Saturday 12 June, Di Piazza is a creditor. “A heartfelt thanks to all the Palermo fans for their affection for me. Come on Palermo always “. These were the words used by the former minority member of the pink club.